When it comes to yahoo formats, before you could mention 5 formats, you must mention military formats, also known as yahoo military dating formats.

This kind of yahoo format involves pretending to be a military personnel (soldier), every client you meet especially the dating clients, you tell them you are a USA soldier.

In this post I will be explaining to you everything you need to know about military formats, dating military formats, yahoo billings for the military and also how to get clients.

Many yahoo boys cash out with this format because it has lots of advantages and less stress free compares to others.

Advantages of yahoo military formats

Easy to get clients

Know doubt that almost every person loves soldiers, once you mentioned to people that you are in the force protecting life’s of the citizens, you are being loved 100%.

You can easily get clients on Facebook, Instagram or dating apps, as soon as they see your pictures with uniform,they are ready to accept your request and know more about you.

Avoid video calls

one challenges Yahoo boys are facing is the ability to make video calls with your clients, before some clients can send you money, they must want to see your face in video call to know if you are real.

So if you are using military formats, tell the client that it is against the law to make videos calls while in the camp and he or she will understand you immediately.

Easy billing

Another advantage of military formats is the billing process, they are many ways to bill your clients and also many payment methods to use .

Tools you need to start yahoo military formats

For you to successfully use this format to cash out there are many tools you must have,which most of them are free. Below I have listed important tools you need to start yahoo military formats.

Pictures and videos

In every yahoo format, you must have an identity you are disguising on, so since you are using into military yahoo, you must have hold of military personnel photos and videos, both in uniforms, field and home.

You can’t claim to be an army when you don’t have photo or video of you in military uniform.

Make sure you have up to 50 different pictures of the person you are using and also up to 5 videos in different locations. You will use some of these pictures in your social media profiles and also be sending your client some when you start chatting with them or based on request. To get this military personnel photos you can search for them on Instagram or Facebook and download.

Also read Instagram pages to bomb and get clients

Social profile account

You also need a social media profile account posing as a military guy, without profile account you can’t get any client, so create one fast.

To create social profile, go to Facebook or Instagram, register accounts for free, upload the public informations and your photos.

Make sure the profile looks legit, you must take note of the Age, Name and surname, location, education information,work information e.t.c

USA phone number

You need a USA WhatsApp phone number if you truly want to be successful with this yahoo military dating formats, the reason is that,when you met a new client on social media or dating sites, after introduction you need to move her out of the social media to your private chat, and one of the most popular private chat platform is WhatsApp.

Having a USA phone will make you look for legit that you are truly from the USA (if you are working USA military.

With USA number you can call your clients directly and speak to them.

With the number you can use it to open whatsapp and other social media accounts.

Just incase you need legit USA phone number cost is 10k send me a mail and get yours .

Military id card

Anyone in military have its own id card, you need to create a fake identity card of you, your clients may ask for it one day. They are many free tools online that crates Id card or you can use the service of a graphic designer to get one for yourself.

Internet access/phone and laptop

I listed these tools together because they work in hands together, of course to start online yahoo you need internet access, to get internet access you need a mobile browsing phone or laptop.

Once you have these tools listed above then you are good to go.

Steps to begin the yahoo military work

Once your tools are ready, then create a social media page like Instagram or Facebook, for now let’s use Instagram, also it’s better if you can buy old accounts instead of creating new account.

Once you have gotten the account ,now edit the account to your taste, upload important information and also your military pictures and few videos in the account.

Use the USA number to register WhatsApp in your phone, this WhatsApp is strictly for military work,where you will be moving the Instagram clients to.

Now, you are to start bombing for clients, I have listed some Instagram pages you can bomb for clients. Please read up for full details.

Once you gotten any client with a reply, introduction yourself, everything about you and also give the client time to introduce her self.

If the client is responding well, quickly move her to WhatsApp, how can you do that ?

Hello dear, I find it hard coming to Instagram always,it distract me alot, can we go private on WhatsApp? I think it’s more suitable.

Don’t bill her now o, keep asking her more about her sell, if you don’t know what to ask just read up some questions you can ask clients here

Send her some military pictures and videos, make her fall in love with you !.

Billing formats for military yahoo format

There are many ways to bill your dating clients if you are using a military format.

Emagency work leave

Emergency military leave is a type of military leave that is granted to military service members in the event of a crisis or emergency situation, such as a natural disaster, family issues e..t.c

So since you and the client is already dating, tell her that you could like to visit her in the state, she will be very happy meeting you for the first time.

Once you tell her this and she is happy, then tell her she needs to write a letter to your headquarters telling them that she is your wife and she is sick, and you need to be with her for some time, create a fake email address with eg usamilitaryleave@gmail.com.

Tell her to send the letter through the mail.

Once she send the letter through the email,you will receive it in your phone, now is time to reply her back.

In the email reply, Tell her you have received the mail and the leave will be granted but she has to pay $1500 for emagency leave fee, reason that it’s not yet time for his leave.

When she receive the mail and tell you, convince her to pay so you can come and visit her, you can use bitcoin method to collect the money or transfer.

After paying for the emergency leave fee, you will personally bill her for flight ticket about $100

Gift cards billing

You can still use gift card billing formats to bill your military dating formats, I have explained everything you need to know about it in my previous post. Read about Gift card billing formats here.

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