The most popular yahoo formats in the street are dating formats, always every gees started from dating and many new gees are still going into dating till tomorrow.

Truth is that dating formats are still paying if only you know how to comfort your clients, many persons don’t know how to chat with their clients, the kind of questions to ask and when to bill them, in this post I will be showing you 30 important questions to ask your dating yahoo clients.

These questions are very important, if you ask these questions and get the answers then you can know how to follow him up, also ask this questions slowly, do not send all at once.

30 Questions to ask your Yahoo dating clients

1.Are you single? : you need to know the status of your client if she is single or married, from here you can know the format to use for her. many siblings do you have? : ask her if she has brothers and sisters and also how many, you can also ask about the age.

3.Your parents are still alive ?: ask the client if her parents are still alive or not.

4.Your both parents brought you up ?: many persons were raised by single parents, so find out more about the client.

5.What did you study in university? : know about her education status and course she studied.

6.What is your current job? : asking her about the job she is doing will help you determine how you can bill her money later.

7.Do you like your job? – know if she likes the job she is currently doing, if not, try and suggest some job/business ideas for her.

8.What are your hobbies? : you need to know what she does during her free time.

9.You drink alcohol ?: asking your clients if she smokes or drinks alcohol is a nice question, if she takes much you can advise her to be moderate.

10.What reality show would you love to compete on?

11. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

12. You love pets and do you have any ?

13.Are you a Christian? : some clients are Christians, some Muslim and others don’t believe in religion, try and find out about your client’s beliefs.

14.Have you traveled to other countries : if she is a traveller then she must be somehow rich.

15.What is your love language : know more about her love language, what she understands about love and affection.

16.Do you believe in true love : not every human believes in true love, some had bad experiences loving someone before.

17. Are you ready for a serious relationship : know if the client is ready for a relationship or she just wants to have fun.

18.Do you like kids : anyone that likes kids will want to have one, if she says she likes kids then tell her you will be making babies with her.

19.How many children do you wish to have?

20.Do you mind talking about sex ?

21. What’s your favourite sex position?

22.What is your greatest fear?

23.Do you enjoy money sex or midnight?

24.What makes you calm when you are angry?

25.Where was your first kiss?

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