Almost every one of us is familiar with POS machines especially those living in Nigeria that see POS often, you might be wondering if there is any possibility of hacking a POS machine. You are not alone with that taught.

Have also come across questions and search from those asking “How To Hack a POS machine and remove the money inside”

Here in this post, I will be showing you Guide On How To Hack POS – Step by Step. But firstly for those that are not familiar with POS, I will explain everything you need to know about POS.

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What is POS machine

A POS machine, or Point of Sale machine, is a device used in retail and other businesses to process transactions. It typically includes a card reader to accept credit and debit card payments, a display for the transaction details, and software that facilitates the transaction process. POS machines play a crucial role in completing sales transactions securely and efficiently.

Image of POS machine

How To Hack POS machine

Many yahoo boys have different updates on how they normal steal from POS operators, some are specialized in sending fake alert any time they won’t to withdraw from POS, some are into swapping of ATM card, all this are part of the trick but have it’s disadvantage which is “Very risky” if you are not lucky you might be caught while trying to send fake alert or swap ATM card.

The method am about showing you is very smooth and risk FREE, you don’t need to be in the POS stand for it to work.

To successfully Hack a POS machine you need a mobile software called POS Decor pro

what is POS Decor Pro

POS Decor Pro is a mobile software Developed by Russian Dark web hackers, which is mainly used to hack POS machines. This tool makes it possible to extract Funds from wallets using transaction receipts.

Since every pos machine have a wallet, the target of decor is getting the password, Username and login link to the wallet so you can easily transfer the funds with ease.

You don’t need any personal details to get the login information details. Just the Pos machine terminal ID you are done.

With the help of the terminal ID, you can gain access to your victims wallet using the decor pro tool.

watch video about POS Decor Pro Below.

Terms and conditions of using POS Decor Pro

You need to withdraw N5,000 through the victims machine. You are only doing this to get the Terminal ID. This means you will need the transaction receipt to make it work. (don’t withdraw above the stated amount).

Make sure the account you are withdrawing from is what you will use when filling your Decor form.

Don’t transfer funds to your real account because you can be tracked down easily.

You need VPN as it’s a country base tool. Any vpn paid or free is recommended.

You can only use the app three times in every 24hrs.

Like we’ve stated above, it’s not advisable using your real account details in moving funds as many has been caught through this process. What you should is create a fake bank account with different identity or use services such as palmpay.

You can also buy fake bank account details from us or partner with officials in merging accounts for your Hustle.

Don’t withdraw less than or above ₦‎5,000 and make sure you have your transaction receipt. Most of the POS agents are aware of this trick so many don’t issue receipts. You should locate shops that issue pos receipts after transactions so you can easily get your terminal ID

Some machines have Authentication before login. Whenever you meet such, you won’t be able to access. Don’t worry just try the next target as there are very few machines with login authentication.

Pos Decor pro software License Activation code

Just like every other tool, you need your authorization/activation code to get this app working.

Cost for activation is $100 (₦45,000) and it’s one time fee. You don’t need to pay yearly or monthly once your code has been acquired.

Any code given to you is specially designed for your device. It won’t work for others. To buy your pos decor activation code kindly contact us or better still, contact the phone number on the app using the Buy button.

It’s the Developers contact details.
Like i always say, nothing lasts forever. For now, this tool is still working and it’s guaranteed. You can make good money from this update

I will keep providing you latest street update, remember to share with your friends.

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