Have any yahoo boy asked you to get your clients bank details for loading and you keep on wondering what its all about? In this Format on how to collect bank detail-verizon at&t from client i will show you everything you need to know, the uses and also how to get your clients credit card details.

Many international banks especially the once in USA, Canada, Uk can be loaded with cash through online transaction, and people behind this are call “Loaders” it can also be called wire transfer.

Advantage of collecting bank details from your clients.

Cash loading

If you have your clients cc or bank details and online access you can give it to loaders and they will load the account and your client will withdraw the fund and give you your share. This money they are loading inside is not a legit money, it maybe from a hacked bank account or credit card , just know that the money entering into the account is not legit your client may be jailed in future.

Loan Application

with your client bank details and online access you can help him or her to apply for loan or even borrow money as long as he have good credit score. This one is good if your client is broke, jobless or sick, collect the account details and most especially the online access , help him/her to apply for load and cashout.

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Wire transfer.

Do you have a rich client who is stingy at the same time? Well having his credit card details you can wire out every penny in his account to another bank.

Credit card carding.

If you have your client’s bank online access you can help him apply for credit card( atm card) and you can use the cc to card iphones, iTunes and bitcoin online.

You can also collect your client phone carrier details especially Verizon and at&t that is currently going now, this phone carries can lend you money or give you phone to be paying on installment.

How to collect Verizon, at&t and other phone carrier details from client.

First the client must have loved up don’t rush a week client and be asking him/her for her private details you will definitely spoil the work. If you are into dating and your client is using at&t or Verizon phones his format will work for you well.

send him the format below:

Baby,I’m planning to start a business of buying and selling of phones so I can make some extra money.. at&t and verizon are ready to supply me unless i become their customer.And Since you are using at&t,you should give me your username and password for the at&t postpaid account only so i can use it to apply then i’ll pay for the phone. But the phone will be coming to your address cos you’re the owner of the account.. So you’ll send the phones to me when it gets delivered to you..Love you baby..

Collect the :

  • Username and password
  • Question and answer
  • As soon as he send it to you move to the next step.

    How to use Verizon and at&t to buy phones

    If you succeeded in collecting the details from client (username, password and Q&A) download a strong vpn, goto Verizon or at&t official website, you will see option to buy phones on installment payment, go for high grade phones and fill in your client’s or picker address,the phone will be shipped to the address within 24hrs after order.

    How to collect bank details from clients.

    This method works well for military,in which your distance will be far from the client.

    Tell him the month is about to end and the government need to send your allowance to your relatives and which you only have and trust him.

    Check format example below:

    Hey honey how you doing sorry I didn’t talk to you all day,I was in duty all day,well I got a message from the head office today,that our allowance and family care money will be paid to our relatives by next week,that we should provide,that we should provide out beneficiary info,address and bank account or cc details for the money,because the state military is not going to issue any cheque out to any beneficiary if he or she don’t have an account,and the beneficiary most be 18yrs above,my only son is ten years old and my grandma is to old to start going around for this,so baby I want to trust you with this I want you to help me get the money to your account or get a credit card that can receive this money soon,the information that will be needed for this transaction is…..

    Full name


    Date of birth



    Bank name

    Routine number

    Online access username


    Emails address

    Email password

    Account security question and answers, but if you cant get all of that you can get wallsfargo days pay card,chase liquid card,or capital one cc,

    Love you so much honey,I will be glad if you help me with this and you can take from the money once it get to you.

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    immediately you take the bank details from him, login and check his balance look for a good loader and work on the account.. Loading of funds can be upto $3000 or $5000 and if your clients have enough money already in it you can wire it out into another account.

    As for a broke client, use the account to apply for loan, as soon as the loan is approved move it to another.

    My Advice

    If your client is broke tell him to open and verify bank account, it should be done in the bank and also must have online access to the bank (Internet bank) after this is done collect the details and give to loaders.

    Banks that your client should open

  • Bank of America
  • Capital one
  • Chase
  • Citi bank
  • Fifth third bank
  • PNC
  • Suntrust
  • TD bank
  • Regions
  • Huntington
  • Blue bird
  • Green dot
  • Discover bank
  • If you have any question or help kindly drop your comments and i will address it.

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    2. is it true that it is only the drop who can load the greendot? and without using his details to load the account we can not load it…is that true?

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