Instagram is one of the best places to get clients if you are into yahoo yahoo hustle, and the best part of it is that the app is free and accessible anywhere in the world without vpn or hiding I.P.

Many persons have been bombing Instagram but not getting clients and are even getting Their account banned. The reason is that you are not doing it the right way, you are not bombing the right pages. In this post I will show you how to get clients on Instagram, how to bomb Instagram, pages to bomb on Instagram.

This post is for those using Instagram to hustle for clients, dating, investment or phishing e.t.c

Pages to bomb on Instagram to get clients

Celebrity pages

Celebrity pages on Instagram are one of the best places you can find clients for your dating, investment and other formats, this client follows these celebrities and keeps up with their daily activities and posts. Each time these celebrities make posts/videos you could see lots of comments,likes and views within a few minutes.

Celebrity pages to bomb for Instagram

  • kendalljenner
  • cristiano
  • leomessi
  • kyliejenner
  • arianagrande
  • selenagomez
  • kimkardashian
  • beyonce
  • khloekardashian
  • justinbieber
  • nike
  • taylorswift
  • kourtneykardash

  • Daily news blogs

    Another page to bomb on Instagram to get clients are those news blog handles, many persons that follow these news pages want to be updated about what is going on in the world on a daily basis. They are always active.

    News blogs to bomb on Instagram

  • The Guardian
  • Financial Times

  • La Repubblica
  • Le Monde
  • El Pais
  • Meduza
  • Usatoday
  • (
  • (@bbcnews)
  • (@skynews)
  • CNN

  • Financial investment pages

    If you are into investment scam and using the formats them you real need to be bombing Financial investment Instagram pages from today. Most of the clients following these pages want to invest, they are looking for financial advice and also how to make money online, so tap in and start bombing.

    Financial investment Instagram pages

  • @brokemillennialblog
  • @ellevest
  • @nerdwallet
  • @betterment
  • @wealthsimple
  • @mastermindinvestor
  • @investopedia
  • Once you follow these Pages, check their post and comment section, select clients commenting and message them.

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