Many people have been asking if it’s possible to hack a Nigeria bank account without working in the bank or having access to an ATM card linked to the account, well the answer is YES, with BVN you can hack and have access to any bank account in Nigeria, and not only that, you can also be able to transfer the money from account to another with just BVN number.

Firstly I will start by explaining BVN, what it is all about, how to hack an account with just bvn.

What is BVN

BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. It is a unique 11-digit identification number assigned to every customer in the Nigerian banking system. The BVN was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2014 as part of a comprehensive program to improve the efficiency and security of the banking industry in Nigeria.

The BVN is designed to serve as a means of verifying the identity of bank account holders, . It is used by all banks in Nigeria, and customers are required to provide their BVN when opening a new bank account, or when carrying out certain transactions such as making large deposits or withdrawals.

The BVN contains biometric information such as fingerprints and facial recognition data, as well as personal information such as name, address, date of birth, and other details. It is stored in a central database maintained by the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System, and can be accessed by authorized parties for the purpose of verifying a customer’s identity.

How to hack Nigeria bank account with BVN

To hack a bank account with BVN details you will be needing a hacking software, we have about three BVN hacking software working very well currently, I will be listing the softwares and now to use it below!

Types of BVN hacking software

Cardro pro software

Cardro Pro is a multi function app which makes it possible to remove money from victims accounts using their bank verification number (BVN)

With Cardro pro app, you can also transfer money from any credit or debit card without otp “its an otp Bypass App”.

Cardro pro have different versions and the latest version is v10.5.

Cardro pro works in android and iPhone also you can use it for your pc , cost of cardro yearly activation code is $70. If you are using android phone you can download cardro pro below!.

Download cardro pro

Hack wizard software

Another powerful software for hacking bank with BVN is Hack wizard,
Hack wizard is a powerful software mainly built by hackers to hack bank accounts and credit card. This software”hack wizard” is what wicked hackers use to steal money from victims account and credit cards.

Functions of hackwizard software

  • Fake alert
  • Bvn hacking
  • Credit carding
  • So for those asking:

    Can they use my bvn to hack my account? YES
    If someone have my bvn can he steal my money? YES.

    With just BVN and software you can easily hack bank account in Nigeria.

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