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What is gift card 

A gift card is a prepaid plastic/electronic card typically issued by a retailer or service provider, redeemable for goods and services at a variety of merchants. You can put money on the card, and either you or the recipient can use it to buy things at stores that accept the card.

Types of gifts card

We have various types of gifts card available, but I will be listing the important once that you can easily convert to money and also the ones your clients will be familiar with.

  • iTunes card
  • Amazon card
  • Sephora gift card
  • American Express Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Google Play gift card

  • Above is the various gift cards you should be asking from your clients, I will be explaining in details about ITunes gift card and Amazon card.

    What is ITunes gift card

    An ITunes gift card is a pre-paid card that can be used to make purchases on Apple’s online and physical stores, including the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music, and Apple Books. The card can be used to buy apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and more. It can also be used to buy Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The value of the card can be redeemed in full or in part and does not expire.

    Various ways you can use ITunes gift card

  • Apple music store : you can spend your ITunes card through Apple music subscription, it maybe monthly or yearly depending on your choice and amount of card you have! Having ITunes card,you can enjoy unlimited music in the apple store.
  • Physical Apple purchase: you can use ITunes card to purchase apple product in their official stores e.g iphone, iPad, iPod , Apple TV e.t.c
  • Upgrade iCloud storage: if you are using an iPhone or any apple products, and your space storage is running full, you can purchase storage space from Apple with ITunes gift card, let’s say you have iPhone 14 128gb and it  filled up, you can purchase extra 128gb to your device.
  • Convert to cash : this is the best part of ITunes card for working boys, you can actually sell your cards to vendors and get cash transferred to your bank account, so if you are looking for a way to bill your clients, collecting ITunes card from them is a nice tactics. 
  • What is Amazon gift card

    An Amazon gift card is a pre-paid card that can be used to make purchases on or through other affiliated merchants. The card contains a certain value of funds, which can be redeemed in full or in part towards the purchase of eligible products on the Amazon website. 

    Ways to use Amazon gift card

  • Online purchase:  you can use the card to purchase any time in the website instead of using your credit card, also some other online stores affiliated to Amazon accepts the card as means of payment.
  • Convert to cash : just like ITunes gift card, you can also sell your Amazon gift card to vendors and receive cash transfer into your bank account. I will list legit vendors you can trade your gift card with if you continue reading these post to the end.
  • iTunes gift card formats

    Now that you have know what ITunes card is and always Amazon gift card, now study how you can use these Gift cards formats to bill your clients!

    Ways to bill your clients ITunes card 

    iPhone storage purchase format – In this type of format, all you need is to tell your dating clients that your phone storage is full filled up ,and you could like to upgrade the storage which cost $200 yearly. Explain to the client that your phone is hanging and malfunctioning because of the filled storage. Check example below,

    Hello honey, I missed you so much yesterday, I wasn’t online because am having issues with my iPhone storage, the storage is full and the phone is malfunctioning currently, I need to upgrade the storage to higher space which will cost me $200 yearly, please help me with $200 ITunes card to sort this out, if I don’t upgrade it, I won’t be able to come online always.

    Send him the above text, you can always rewrite the message to your own taste , also send the client the storage photo so it will look real.

    Second ITunes gift card formats
    Apple gadgets purchase – In this kind of format, you tell your client that you want to buy apple product in the store, you can tell him that your iPhone charger just got spoilt or air pod which will cost you above $200, tell him to help you with the money through ITunes card so you can use it in the store, Check example below:

    Hello dear, my apple charger just got burnt last night due to the bad current and the warranty is already over, the cost in the apple store is $220, please can you help me with ITunes card worth $220 to replace the charger.

    You can also tell him your iPhone screen is bad and you need to replace it which cost $500.

    Another format

    Hello dear, you know I told you my camera was bad, I took it to the apple store now and it was confirmed, unfortunately the warranty have expired and I need to pay fee of $300 to get it fix, please help me with $300 ITUNES card so I can go to the store now, I need to fix this camera so we can start video calling each other, baby I want to see us in live video.

    Apple music subscription – This format is about music and app download on iPhone, ask your client the kind of music he likes, search for the song, tell him you could like to listen to it but you don’t have apple music subscription, ask for $100 ITunes card so you can enjoy the music with him. Check example below:

  • Me – hello dear, what genre of music do you listen to always?
  • Clients – I love hip-hop with all my life
  • Me – wow nice, who is your favorite hip hop artist?
  • Clients – 2pac and drake, but 2pac especially.
  • Me – oh okay, I have been hearing about 2pac, let me check out his songs.
  • Clients – yeah , do and let me know what you think.
  • Me – I saw some of his album but I can’t stream them because I don’t have apple much subscription, please can you help me with ITunes gift card of $100 to subscribe, I need to listen to his music since you like him, maybe I can learn something new from the songs
  • .

    Amazon gift card formats

    Amazon gift card is similar to ITunes but you can only use it on the Amazon website, so all your formats you be around everything in the store.
    Tell your client that you saw a book on Amazon about history of something, that the book cost $100 and you need Amazon card to buy it. Or that you want to buy a gadget from Amazon.

    How your clients can buy the gifts card

    Many clients may not know how to buy ITunes gift card or Amazon gift card, so you need to teach them how it can be done, in the USA or much developed countries, you can easily buy these Gift cards in a shopping mall around you, also you can buy the cards online with credit card.
    Tell your client to visit any shopping mall or store around his city, let him ask for ITunes or Amazon gift card depending on the format you are using, and buy the card.

    If your client is a sick client that can not leave his house, then he can easily buy it online with his credit card. They are many website that sells gift card online e.g 

  • Once he buys the card, he will scratch it , snap the card and send it to you.

    How to convert your gift card to money

    Now that you have the card with you, it’s time to convert it to cash, you can sell it to vendors.
    Some vendors you can sell your cards to:

  • Patricia
  • Jatpay
  • Paxful 
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