Everything about yahoo is based on formats, that this guy is picking always is because he has the right Billing format updates, if you have been hustling and not seeing results then it must be that you are not doing something right in the game.

Another challenges Yahoo working boys face is the billing process, imagine chatting client for months and it’s time to bill the client, once you used the wrong billing formats, bro that client won’t pay and she might even block you !

Billing formats depends on the format you are using to keep the client, you can’t use the same billing you are using for investment format for a client you are using military format.

Be careful not to mistake one billing formats to another.
In this post I will be sharing different billing formats you can use for yahoo .

all types of yahoo billing formats

Military yahoo billing formats

If you are doing military work, as a guy and dating your client,they are many ways you can Bill them :

Leave permit format : I already explained about this format in my previous post about military format, you can read up.
It’s all about telling your dating client that you could like to take leave from military work so you can visit and spend some time with her, she need to send a letter to your boss, your boss will ask her to pay certain amount before the leave permit will be granted, read full details here .

iTunes/Amazon gift card billing formats

Many ways to bill your client ITunes card,
Tell your clients you need to download a music album on your iPhone but you don’t have an apple subscription, he should help you with a $100 ITunes card. Full formats here


You can tell your client that your iPhone storage is full and you need to buy space which costs $200 yearly.

Accident/sick billing formats

You must have a picture of you in the hospital bed, create a fake document, send the picture and the documents to your client, tell him you were rushed to the hospital and you need money for the doctor to start surgery, the document will look like a hospital bill which carries your name, hospital name, name of Illness, amount for treatment e.t.c

Bitcoin investment billing formats

Create a fake bitcoin investment website, teach clients about bitcoin, tell her advantages of investments, that she can become a millionaire in a few months if she invests in bitcoin, when she agrees to invest, send her the fake bitcoin website link, explain to her how to register and deposit. Once she invests in your website, the BTC will go directly to your personal wallet.

Food billing formats

This is for your dating clients, at the end of the month, tell her you need money for food stuff so you can stock up.

Menstruations formats

If you are using a female profile to chat with men, tell the client you are seeing your period and you need some cash to clean yourself up and buy a few things.

Fake Pastor billing formats

Example below

Hello how are you doing? ,I’m John William from New Orleans and I’m 69 years old and I’m a Business man but my pastor preached to us on this week Sunday about helping the needy, and it really touched, so that’s why I’m here to help other for a little out of what I have, I’m texting you to see if you need some money to payoff bills or do money to pay of bills and some other things ????

Donation billing formats

If you are running an ophanage home or use fake Pastor formats, tell your client you will be visiting the children in the ophanage home and you would like to donate food and clothes to them, ask the client to support the donation.

Inheritance billing formats

Here you tell your client that your parents left property worth millions of dollars, but the problem now is that your family members are dragging it with you, and you need to hire a good lawyer that will help you, tell the client to help you with money to hire a lawyer,that ones you won the case you will give her large percentage of the money.

Social media investment billing scam

Here you tell people that your investment company is helping people to double Their money, when they invest 10k to get 40k within 24hrs, 20k to get 80k.

I hope these helps you!

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