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Yahoo sugar mummy and daddy format – latest scam update

Have you been looking for latest paying G-work to start and cash out money this year without stress ? Hustle update got you covered 100%.

Here i will personally show you Yahoo sugar mummy and daddy format – latest scam update.

After reading this and put it to work, cash out is a must.

What is yahoo sugar mummy/daddy format?

Its a kind of format in which you present your self online as a rich man or woman ready to spend for any lover that comes your way.

Its somehow related to dating format but here you don’t even beg client rather you prove to them you are already made and same time take money from them.

Advantages of using yahoo sugar mummy/daddy format.

  • It is easy to use and many clients must come your way. No need of roaming about online looking for clients,they will always message you.
  • You can use this format for clients living every part of the world, no need of bombing only USA or Canada clients, everybody can be defrauded with this scam method.

Things you need to start sugar mummy/daddy work.

Usa WhatsApp number.

To be successful in this format you must have a usa WhatsApp number, reason is that it will make you look real about the claim that you are currently in USA.

No one will like to deal with African so you must operate with usa WhatsApp.Check here on how to get usa WhatsApp number

If you need USA WhatsApp number click here to message me

cost is 10k

Rich social profile.

Your profile must be rich, as in looking good, rich sugar mummies and daddies are known to be extremely rich,so you must create one either on Facebook, Instagram or any dating sites.



To get rich man and woman pictures is just easy online.

Plenty pictures and video.

Have enough working picture, the man or woman you are using must be rich looking with lots of different cars,cash and properties.

With this you can be making post daily including pictures and videos of you spending money, on vacation, on party or in the office.

How to start yahoo sugar mummy/daddy dating

Since you have gotten your Usa WhatsApp number,Plenty pictures and videos,its now time to open social media account. first i advice you start with Facebook or Instagram but if you have money you can open paid dating sites like POF.

Create a matured Facebook account , remember how you will create a better one without getting banned?Read it here

Add and accept few friends,join lots of usa groups and pages,always update your status with you in a mansion, office or beach.

Also be making post on groups and dating pages.

For me i always use instagram to get client,open instagtam account,upload pictures.

Search for #sugarbaby tag click on recent at the right side, your work is to be droping post in the comment section of those post.

Yahoo sugar mummy dating
You will see something like this

If anybody message you or accept your request you can start conversation like this:

Hello how are you doing today i’m Freddy from pennsylvania hope you are good and nice meeting you…your profile hits home with me and i like that you seem relaxed and very open if you would not mind i’ll like you to be my sugar baby and here’s my number on WhatsApp 475 655 7546 you can text me…hoping to read from you soon.

Always wait for reply before sending another message to the person, if the person reply you on WhatsApp then follow the next step.

Nice to meet you dear, and thanks for sending me a text, can you tell

me more about yourself and let’s see where this will lead us to, i am

positive about this though

Can you tell me more about you now and lets see where it goes.

The client will tell you more about him or her, where he came from and everything. Then you send the next introduction format.

I am

Dylan Christopher by name and i am 49years old widower, father of two

children, i work all days of my life as a US Army but right now as an

ENGINEER mainly on Road construction business, I lost my late wife

over 3 years ago now and i have been living without no woman, I’m

5’9tall, 145lbs, eyes gray , hair gray… I like to kiss and hug, and

cuddle, but I won’t smother you… lol I’m an honest,thoughtful,caring, clean, independent,fun,one woman man. Full of energy I like dancing to the oldies or country music,walking on the beach &boardwalk,traveling, roller coasters, horseback riding, dining in or

out, or just working around the house. I’m in a position to go,anywhere,i have a house in California where i have fun when am not on,business trips and currently in the United Kingdom now. so are you single with kids or have a boyfriend? i just want some attention and someone to share everything with.

Remember don’t rush the client with message, be giving her some time so it won’t look like copy and paste.

I’ve been a loner since my wife passed away, all i need is one sweet

Man who’ll make me feel happy and loved , it doesn’t necessarily need

to be something serious, i just need someone to spoil and will spoil

me in return. I don’t need sex or anything of such, i’m an influential

man and will not want to engage myself in anything dirty. If chemistry

sets in we can move further but for now just make me happy and feel

cared for.


Do you like going to beach and seeing new places? i want to have so

much fun with you if you don’t mind being my sugar babe. and i will

setup mobile deposit to you bank account so you would not have to worry about bills and other things you need money for, i m ready to take complete care of the girl who will be loyal, caring,honest and give me good attention.

As your sugar daddy, my main responsibility is making sure you’re

financially stable so i’ll be giving you an allowance of $400 every 4 days which will make about $3000 every month , i guess that’s okay by you.

After you might have chat him or her for like 2 weeks, by now she could have loved up and believe you, Follow the next steps.

Ask her “What institution do you bank with?”

Baby i will need you to send me your account number and routing

number..,online username and password and security question and answer

which will be used to setup your allowance at the right time every 4



Baby i want you to know that i am a man of my word and i am not

playing you for this because i am a man of my word but baby you know

that i am in the UK right now on a business trip and that is why i

will be sending all of your banking information across to my payroll

officer to add you to my payroll and you will be getting the allowance

once that is done


Alright, i will like you to go and open an account with Wells Fargo

and request for an instant ATM card so that it will be easy for you to

get the funds out when i send them to you

Yahoo sugar mummy and daddy format is a sure way to cash out big now

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how are you hustling? What do you need, comment let me know how to help you

Also see step by steps to become a yahoo boy

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