Best way to scam on facebook without getting banned

Hello fellow hustlers welcome to another openly freely thread where you can learn how to scam on Facebook without getting banned. this method gave me and my students thousand of $$ last year and up till now many are still cashing out.

If you follow the instructions am giving on facebook scam, you will also be able to make lots of money like i did.

You see, the best and free site to get legit paying client is Facebook, because billion of people are using it round the world

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But one thing is that facebook security is very strict and sensitive, you can create account or edit old account within new two minutes it will banned/disabled for ever even if you uploaded your ID. The good news is that in this article i am going to tell you how to freely scam on Facebook without your account being disabled/banned.

This method/format is not hard/complicated,even if you started yahoo yesterday,you can use this method and cash out.



This is the first step But before you do so please avoid this things to so your account wont be banned instantly:

  • use american real name – you can search for names and pick anyone to use.
  • make sure you fill the whole information required.
  • Dont add or accept friends immediately
  • To open the account you can use phone/computer to do so.just go to facebook

    Use nice name that looks very real, fill the whole information and register.


    now that you have registered the Facebook account, next is to setup your profile , that is your profile/cover picture , state of origin , currently city e.t.c,now make sure you use rich looking Pictures , just go to Instagram and copy those “rich guys “pictures,that should be your working picture.

    Don’t just use any how picture, if you are doing celebrity yahoo,your profile should look like celebrity, same thing with business man yahoo, visa agent yahoo,sugar mummy, lotto e.t.c

    Make the profile to be

    very real
    clean and beautiful


    your profile is now setup , is now to start posting your life style, if it is business you do , you can share business quotes and advice, flaunt your riches including your exotic cars and so, with this you will win the heart of many who are not ready to make research if you are real or not. go to facebook business pages and share their post.


    now that you look real in your profile,don’t add or accept any friend yet, just search for popular pages/groups,especially the kind of persons you targeting, when you see a client that looks good just like and reply his/comment or post, don’t add him yet, keep doing this to many of them, you will notice that many of them will send you a friend request, don’t accept yet,first send him a message , if he reply you , then you can accept the request.


    they are many you can easily you , but i will mention few.

    You can check thread for different formats to use

    Dating format;

    as the name sounds , i always use man to woman, my target is 60 and above old women. Many of them are widows and needed love , they easily fall in love with your sweet words , so follow them up.

    Don’t bill them yet, date her for like 2 months, make her fall in love, then you can start giving her excuses for help like , you need itunes card to buy songs in the store, also you need money to pay for your bills and so on.

    Lotto format


    if you are doing this one , your target should be general, men and women , rich or average. You can read what lotto format is all about here .

    Show them some winning proves , as soon as they starts believing you , bill them , after payment you run away .

    Fixed match betting:

    this one is paying o , everyone wants money , for you to be successful in this method you should have Photoshop experience to be editing your bet slip. Always post winning result in your updates along side your phone number , share the post to groups and pages,if any one wants fixed game, ask them to pay after that you block the person with this few formats you can cashout big in Facebook without getting banned.

    i still have some badass format am currently using, only few persons knows it , you need it just contact me but you have to pay a token

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