As A yahoo boy one of the things you need in your work is USA phone number for whatsapp and calls, many persons have been asking these questions:

  • Please how can i get usa number?
  • How do i create my own Us number?
  • How can i change my Nigerian number to USA number for free?
  • How do i get a US number for WhatsApp?
  • How Can i get a USA number app for free?

  • All this questions i have been receiving in my dm,so today i am going to show you how you can create USA number for WhatsApp and calls anywhere in the world.

    Getting a us number in Nigeria or anywhere in the world is not a rocket science or a bad idea as long as you need it.

    What you can do with USA phone number

    As a yahoo boy, when you have this USA number,they are many things you can use it for,i listed the few below :

    USA WhatsApp

    If you have USA number,you can use it to open WhatsApp,this WhatsApp is where you will move all your clients to,it makes you look real to them,i always advice guys to move their clients out of dating sites or social media immediately to WhatsApp,because they may block your account any time.


    USA Facebook

    If you need USA Facebook account,the one that will last for you very well,i suggest you use USA phone number to open the account, with this mark will not suspect your account much.

    Direct call

    Most clients prefer direct phone calls to believe that you are real and legit, and you can not call them with your Nigeria phone number,so if you have this USA phone number you can call your clients any time ,any day.

    Tools you need to get USA phone

  • A mobile phone – Android or iPhone
  • Strong internet network
  • Premium vpn or RDP
  • Once you have this three things then read the below sites/tools that you will use to Convert your local number to USA phone number.

    Ways to change your local number to USA phone number

    1.Using textplus app to get USA number

    Using textplus is one of the best ways you can get USA phone number for WhatsApp and calling. The number is given to you temporary for free but if you want the number permanently,you can pay for premium package of it and it will be use for ever.

    Steps to use use textplus app to get USA number.


  • onnect your vpn to USA – if you are in Nigeria or any African country,then you can’t use textplus, all you need to do is connect your vpn to USA and hide your location.
  • Download the textplus app – the app can be found on play store if you are using android device or Apple store if you are using iPhone,download the app for free.
  • Open the app (text plus) ,create account with gmail, }username and password,once you are done you will be issued a new USA number. Note that this number is temporary if not upgraded to premium.
  • Other similar websites that work the same way like textplus:

  • Textnow
  • Nextplus
  • Texita
  • Phoner

  • Using google voice to get USA number

    As for me this is the best way to get USA number by using google voice, unlike textplus and others,the number given to you on google voice is permanent and yours forever and its free to get. But the problem is verification and registration,you must have someone in the USA for you to be able to successfully register google voice account because you need a real life USA number to verify it.

    How to create USA number using google voice.

  • Connect your vpn to usa – just like textplus location problem,you must use vpn to access google voice if you are not in USA.
  • Download the app from app store or go to the website directly , use your gmail address and password to create it.
  • Once it opens select any state in USA with the use of area code ( each state in USA have its own Area code) different usa number will be shown to you,select one.
  • Now verify the number – to verify it you need to input real usa phone number and a code will be sent to you through the number, if you have a USA client then he or she can help you with this.

  • With this above steps you can easily get your USA phone to use for call and WhatsApp.

    How to create WhatsApp account with usa number

    This is the main reason why you need USA number,so you can use it to open WhatsApp and chat your client, now that you have gotten the number,follow below steps to create WhatsApp account with usa number:

  • Download WhatsApp from store
  • Open the app and change country to USA (+1)
    Input that your USA phone number,click verify and a code will be sent to your USA number. To access this code kindly open the app you use in creating the number, check the messages.
  • In case you need USA number from us,we sell google voice USA number account for just 10k ($25).

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