Have you been searching about hacking softwares you can use to hack banks and credit card? Well in this space of us we have few real softwares that can do such. In this post i will be revealing to you the strongest software in the dark web for bank and credit card hacking.

Best Bank hacking software/App

The best hacking software/App in the dark web currently is Hack Wizard

Hack wizard

Hack wizard is a powerful software mainly built by hackers to hack bank accounts and credit card. This software”hack wizard” is what wicked hackers use to steal money from victims account and credit cards.

Uses of Hack Wizard

This powerful software has many uses and i have listed some of them below:

  • Check credit card balance: With hack wizard you can check credit card balance,that is the amount inside cc. Once you lay your hands in someone’s credit card (atm card) the first thing is to use hack wizard software to check the balance before going ahead to hack it.

    With hack wizard you can check visa,master, verve card balance and other cards too.

    You only need the card number,expiring date of card and the CVV to check the balance.

    So with hack wizard you can check cc balance.

  • Generate BVN number :BVN simple means bank verification number,this bvn links and controls all your accounts and their details,any one who lays hand on your bvn can hack your account easily with the use of hack wizard, And with this software you can generate one’s BVN with just the person’s phone number linked to the BVN.

    So with hack wizard you can check or generate BVN.

  • Buy Bitcon :For the past years i have been receiving messages on how to buy bitcoin with credit card cc or how to buy bitcoin without otp code.

    The solution is here,with hack wizard wallet you can buy bitcoin with your atm card anywhere in the world,all you need is just the card number,ccv and the expiring date.

    This means that you can hack someone’s credit card or stolen card and use it to buy bitcoin immediately.

  • Flash Account :Flash account is also know as fake alert,you can now successfully carry out fake alert to any bank in the world,the alert could be instantly or delayed depending on your settings. Please note that fake alerts can only last for 24hrs and you cant withdraw or transfer the money out.

    Hack wizard software works well in sending fake alert.

  • Crack BVN :Remember earlier i told you that with BVN (Bank verification number) your account can be hacked and all your money stolen,this is because bvn contains all your banking details and documents. With hack wizard you can successfully hack someone’s account and withdraw all his money.

  • Check account balance :If you have someone’s account details,before hacking it the first thing to do is to check the balance if they is huge money and profit inside so you don’t waste your precious time hacking an empty bank account.

    With hack wizard software you can check account of any bank.

  • OTP Diversion :An otp (One-time password) is always set by banks for security measures to protect accounts from hackers,with hack wizard you can bypass any website,bank account,credit card or link using OTP.

    We no longer need to worry about one time password when trying to access stolen card.

  • How safe is hack wizard

    Hack wizard is highly secured and protected by the owners, no trace or caught when you use the software, you don’t need vpn to use it.

    Who is the owner of hack wizard

    Hack wizard software was developed by Albert Gonzalez an American computer hacker.

    How much does hack wizard cost

    Hack wizard cost few dollars for one year licence usage,and can only be used by one individual.

    How to download hack wizard APK software

    For Android users Download Here

    iphone users can get it through the link below

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