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Latest yahoo format for dating to bill your clients for money

As you continue reading, i am Going to show you everything about yahoo dating format to bill your client for money, you will also be able to download the Yahoo pdf to read offline.

First lets talk more about Yahoo dating.

When you hear about dating scam,also know that it involved two parties trying to build relationship online (online dating) one of them could be real and be willing to scarifies anything both emotionally and financially, while the other party’s aim is to scam/defraud him/her.

Things you need to start yahoo dating.

Strong mobile phone or laptop.

This is a must tools to have if you are going into any online scam,with your phone you can search and communicate with a client, both in chating and calls.

I recommend a smart phone of 2gb Ram up and 4g network capability To fasten your communications,it must be internet supported.

Strong paid Vpn.

When you hear VPN it means virtual private network,the work of vpn is to hide your location and show it as private,it can also change your device location to any country you chooses.

Many dating websites may be based on selective locations, if your country is not listed you can not access the website,so this is the importance of vpn,make sure you get one sure premium vpn.

Some best vpn to use

  • Pia vpn
  • Ip vanish
  • Windscribe
  • Nord
  • Express
  • HMA

You can get them from their official websites or contact me to get paid vpn on discount prices.

Dating websites.

Now that you have phone and vpn ready, next is to look for dating websites, most of these websites are free why some are paid, you can also use social Media to bomb for clients.

Below i have listed some websites you can see clients.


Facebook is one of the best social Media to open and get better clients. And another advantage is that Facebook is purely free to use, both for messaging, calling and profile viewing.

First you have the option to view profile before sending Friend request.

But one thing about Facebook is the strictness on security, your account can be banned within 5 minutes after creating if you make any mistake.

so Read how to scam on Facebook without being banned.


This one stand for “plenty of fish” it is strictly a dating website. In pof we have free and paid version.

In free version you can view profile and send messages only but in paid Version, you can see who viewed your profile, how long and hocked up with the person.

Nigeria is not accepted in pof so you will be needing the help of vpn to open and operate with the account.


Instagram is also good in searching for clients if you are into yahoo dating, since its a picture and video social, you can also send direct dm to anyone One,to be successful in Instagram work you must have enough pictures and videos of yourself to be updating daily.

Other dating websites to bomb for clients:

  • meetme.com
  • christainconnection.com
  • Zoosk.com
  • eharmonycom
  • Cams.com

Foreign WhatsApp Number

This tools is very important because leaving your work in those online dating sites is very risky, your account may be banned or disabled one day.

What do you need foreign number for?

If you have like usa ,canada, uk e.t.c number use it to register for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is very safe and fast in communication, as soon as you get in touch with your client, move him to WhatsApp you created depending on the country you are working on.

You can read how to get usa number for WhatsApp here !

Nice pictures and video.

The pictures is a must tool in yahoo dating work,it represents who you are and how your pictures are is the way you will be addressed.

Get a nice real pictures from the Internet, i recommend Instagram they are alot of white men and women over there.

Any picture you are using make sure to have the persons video in case because you may need it in the future.

Now that you have gotten this mention tools above what next?

Now the next thing is to move over to your created or edited account, it may be Facebook, Instagram or pof, here i will be using Facebook.

After creating your Facebook account and upload nice pictures, now its time to start looking for clients, to get a client on Facebook you can search different groups and make your choice.

Some groups i do search on Facebook:
  • Usa army
  • usa truck drivers
  • Donald trump
  • Barack obama
  • Cnn.

In each post in the group drop a nice post with meaning, also like and comment in other peoples post.

If any likes your post,check her profile and send her a friend request and wait till he accept.

To be on a safer side, add maximum of 10 persons per day.

If any one accepts your requests , write him/her a nice message.

Hello good day, thanks for accepting my friend request, your post comment was wonderful, i admire and agreed with those points you made in the post. Once again thank you.

Wait for reply then send another

hello how are you doing am new to this social networking site and i will like to make a new friends here and more over i love making new new friends every where and then my name is katty scoott by name and am 48years old am single you can get back to me as soon

you get my message love to read from you again.

wait for reply

Thanks for the message you just dropped i really appreciate for taking your time to reply me. But i don’t understand Facebook too well, many things are just complicated here, are you on WhatsApp messenger so i add you? That one is more secured and easy to use, please drop your mobile number so i add you or you can add and message me with this my number +1423874653.

by now you must have moved her from Facebook to WhatsApp, remember to use usa number to open the WhatsApp.

try and nurse the client very well for some time, how can you do this? First remember to ask him or her this 30 dating questions.

see 30 questions to ask your dating Client

After like one month and the client have loved up before you can now think of billing.

Yahoo dating billings.

we have many ways to bill your client in dating, you can check this thread to read all kinds of billing formats.

ITunes gift card billing.

This one is for Itunes card , if you want to collect itunes card from your client use this format below.

hey baby the silliest thing just happened

I’m locked out of my phone I can’t Access chat play songs or video PR listen to your beautiful voice notes that puts me to bed at night

why cause apple says I’m upgrade my apps and store On my phone before I can Access my message and call logs and gallery and social media platforms

I cant see your pretty smile that also puts me to sleep at night and also put me to bed because I have assurance that someone loves me

so baby please if you may can you kindly go to any store and get 400$ iTunes card 100$× 4

300$ for the update itself and 100$ to download songs on the store so I can hear what your favorite music sounds like.

Hospital billing format

In this format you already told client about your health issues and how you have been taking so medication.

Just take a picture of where you are in hospital and also snap some drugs and send them to him.

Honey, am currently in the hospital , i fainted earlier today and was rushed down to the hospital, the Doctor said i have to undergo some surgery which will cost about $900. Please i really need you to help me, save my life please, you know i love you and you are the only one i have now.

Means of receiving payment

They are many means to receive money from your clients very safe and fast.

Western Union

With western union, your client can send you money anywhere from the world with your name, the transaction is always done through the bank.

The client will be needing your full name , country, state and after sending ask him for The MTCN code, with this code you can go any bank and cashout ur money.


Bitcoin is very popular now, its now one of the beat ways to receive money from anywhere, no need of you or your client going to the bank, just send him your bitcoin wallet id and you are good to go.

I will update this post next week on other ways to receive payment and also yahoo dating format.

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