Making money online is always the goal and that is what we teach hustlers here, today I could be talking about real estate formats and updates. Guess you have heard about real estate before?.

In the post I will be revealing Real estate yahoo format scam, Updates and tools .

What is real estate

According to Real estate is defined as the land and any permanent structures,like a home, or improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made .
There are three parties involved in the real estate business: the buyer,seller and the agent. These three people work together to seal a deal.

Now here where the format update comes in, there are lots of scam tricks online in this real estate business, you can pretend to be a buyer,seller or agent and most times you can act as two parties.

I will be listing the three parties in real estate and explain how you can use it to work and cash out.

Real estate yahoo format as a buyer.

In this method you acts as buyer looking for home or properties to buy in the developed countries like USA, Canada, UK Switzerland e.t.c, they are many online websites where home sellers are listing Thier properties for sell:


  • These websites are all located in developed countries so you might need a VPN to access some of them.

    The goal is to make money through this format, contact property owners, in those website I sent you, tell them you have interest in thier properties and ready to buy.

    You need to negotiate and bid down the price so it can look real,once the seller agrees on your price and ready to sell.

    You need to mail him a fake check, if the property worths $800,000 , mail him the above amount check (if you don’t know how to mail check they are many guys into it that can help you). Once he gets the check and withdraws the money within 24hrs, now message the seller and bring up an argument or silly excuse that you are not buying again or that you need part of the money you sent to him ($50,000).

    Tell the seller send you back some of the money you sent to him (remember you sent him a fake check earlier), that after your solve your problems finish you will resent the money and close the deal.

    Receive the payment from him through crypto or if you have a picker you can use bank transfer.

    Now after three days, the bank will call the seller and inform him that the check he deposited was fake You have to clear your chat with the seller and block him immediately.

    How to make money as a seller in real estate

    In this method you are the one selling property,you can be selling as a company or as an individual, if you are selling as a company, then you will be needing a real estate website,this website should be fully developed for better functionalities.

    They are many real estate company website in the web, search for them and see samples.

    In this website you will be posting properties for sell and rent, about your company, address and contact details.

    To get buyers for your real estate business website you need to post ads on social media for free or use the paid advertisement.

    Paid advertisement will work well in this format, you can pay Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to help you promote your real estate website, thousands of people will visit your website, see the properties listed and contact you for negotiable.

    Now to make money from them through your fake listing. Once you meets a potential buyer who agrees on the price, tell him to pay upfront payment maybe 2% of the total payment or you can call it inspection fees, once he pays the first one, bill him another one.

    How to make money as an agent in real estate

    You can be acting as a buyer and same time as an agent, contact property owners,tell them you want to bring clients for them to purchase their properties, use your second phone and message them telling them that you are the buy referred by the agent.

    As the negotiations is going on, use the agent number to message the seller,tell him to pay you part of the agent fees first before the deal will be sealed, if he refuses threaten him that you will convince the Buyer not to buy the property again.


    In real estate you can make lots of money just target developed countries and you are good to go.

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