For those into yahoo military scam, i have new scope for you guys which is usa army yahoo format – military request request leave permit,

This is a new method currently and you have to utilized this opportunity to cash out.

Reasons why am dropping format here for free is because the year is about to end and i want you to smile to the bank.

Military scam have different formats which you can use, dating is one of them also charity format too, i won’t go into details of military format because i have written about it before, if you haven’t seen it click below and read the full guide.

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So in this military scam you will use dating Method in which your client will be insisting he wants to see you, or you can tell her you want to see her but on one condition that she will write a mail to usa military headquarters for your leave and vacation permits.

Tell her you could like to visit and spend some time with her

Hello love we have been here talking for long and you always wanted to see and meet us together likewise me too, you know the nature of our job but i want to make out time for you now , but you will help me write a mail later to usa army headquarters tell them you are my wife (Sgt Harrison Stone (SSN 32006) and you want to see me so they can grant/approve my leave permit.

Send the mail to

Before sending this format to her, go and create gmail account related to usa army name example “”, so you will send the mail address and format together.

As soon as she send the letter writing to that gmail, reply the mail with your payment address that she will send the money, see the format below.

hello mrs Albert,

On behalf of General Benjamin Hanks, Leave Permit Processing Dept., New York, New York, United States.

We have received your mail containing the request for your husband to come and visit you (leave permit). However with the work load over here your husband is not schedule for leave now

But your wish can be granted if you can meet up the demand fee .

Kindly fill up the form attached to this mail and pay in the the sum of $800.

That fee should be send to the financial secretary to the below address:




ZIP : 45501-0271

Sign: office of LPPD

Thats all, and if she is proving stubborn from paying that amount keep persuading her that you want to come and visit her, show her love and she will definitely pay.

Dont forget to drop your comment if you have any question.

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