When you are talking about yahoo format, i mean old age format,then you must mention celebrity billing format. Its one of the oldest tricks in yahoo.

You might wonder if people still uses this format, Yes and it still pays well but you need to be extremely creative and careful before you can cash out money from this format.
Just imagine you claiming to be Davido (celebrity) and yet you are begging clients for gift cards and bitcoin.

Well in this post i am going to show you the General celebrity format – learn billing format celebrity, also how to chat your clients like a celebrity and how to get clients.

Basic types of celebrity format

In this celebrity format we have different types and all works different ways, i will be listing few of them below :

Native doctor format

In this type of celebrity format, your work is to act and pretend to be Baba or a native doctor who gives people riches,power,fruit of the womb e.t.c

Create your native doctor profile to look legit

When creating your working.profile,make it looks like a real life native doctor,your pictures should contain shrines,money,red candles,sacrifices e.t.c

Start looking for clients

Now what you need to do now is to start looking for clients (victims), social media should be your starting point. They is one trending method now whereby you use a fake profile of a rich guy or girl to give testimony and in the testimony part write your phone number to reach you. Once you get clients collect money for sacrifice from them.

Good morning my friends… Free yourself from poverty now between the two months remaining in this year.
Good day my brother and sister am here to Share a testimony of me My name is Victor I am from lagos state my parents died a long time ago,this was 1998 last years i was left with no one, my fathers Brother and mothers sister Abandoned me, we I left with no one I cryed and cryed, in the age of 16 years old, I have nothing to do, On one faithful day this was (Aug/15/2021)…..we saw a rich man sharing a testimony of Baba chef Oriejie that helped him with his +2347088820259 Business Development work ask him if the baba chef Oriejie can help me too, but he said i am too small for that, I begged him so he gave me his number i called him and explain how I lost my parents then he said he is going to help me, a week later I was very rich, now have cars, houses, at the age of 26 please help me testify the good work of Baba chef Oriejie in me you can contact him on this number 078820259 for any problem you have or WhatsApp him with the same number …. Baba chef Oriejie thank you for saving me from poverty I am really grateful for your good work I won’t stop testifying you thank you once again…… call him or Whatsapp him +2348820259

Pastor yahoo billing format

You don’t need to be a pastor or Christian to be able to use this format. Its very easy,there is no magic to this,many clients you see online are very religious especially the females,they believe very well in prayers and prophecy,and also young youths who wants to make money and expect manners from heaven.

Create your pastors profile

Create a dope profile,your profile needs to look like a legit pastor,check around how most pastor pages and handle looks and copy that. You can be a fake Adeboye or any of the others.

start Bombing clients with format

Now, this is the main celebrity billing format if you are using a pastor’s work. Just start with the following;

Greeting my brother/sister in the lord, the lord has directed me to you, especially as I am quite active on this platform and routinely pray for followers and people I come across on this platform. You’ve been going through some rough patches recently, and I am sent to tell you that the end is nigh.

In terms of finances, things haven’t been really going quite well for you, but today I am here to tell you that miraculous things have been destined to happen. It is planned and arranged by the most high, so be expectant of your blessings. I am just a messenger, and I have delivered the message.
I am a full-time minister, and I live by donations of people. So if you touched and would love to donate to my ministry, I would greatly appreciate it. God bless you. Here is my PayPal address {then insert your PayPal address}.

Musician Celebrity Billing Format.

If you want to use a celebrity billing format for yahoo, you can try the musician format. It happens that you can sell fake tickets to a show. It will be damn difficult and won’t work for Nigerians, so you should be targeting white clients.

Create a popular musician profile

Copy and clone a popular actor or musician profile page, make it to look legit,update his videos and current pictures,do everything the original one is doing. The good thing about this celebrity format is that you don’t need to search for clients,immediately you create your account,clients will start adding and messaging you. But you must learn how to chat like a celebrity that you are.

Billing formats for musician celebrity

We have lots of billings format for this celebrity musician scam but i will like few for you. They are many ways to collect money from your fans as the fake celebrity that you are:
You can ask your fans to buy ticket for your show/concert for about $100,imagine if 200 fans (clients) pays you $100 each.

Also you can ask your fans to donate to your charity organisation,the less privileged people in your care.

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