Are you broke, poor and smart but you want to start yahoo work (gee work) ? Then this post is for you. You might have seen big boys with cars who are making money from yahoo but non of them want to teach you, don’t worry every thing and tools you need to succeed in yahoo 419 work is here, if you read till the end i will show you everything.

Yahoo work is like other business that you can make money from the different here is that its money is from a fraudulent ways,so to be successful in this game you have to know the secrets of everything behind it.

Nobody should be blamed about yahoo except the government whom refused to provide enough jobs and good living to its citizens, with the rate of hardship in the country we have decided to show you Step by step on how to become a yahoo boy – get all scam tools.

From my research everyday in the Internet i found out that many youths are searching on:

  • How to become rich
  • How to become a yahoo boy
  • How to make money in yahoo
  • How to bill client
  • Yahoo formats for dating and military
  • E.t.c.

    With this search above , its obvious that many youths wants to learn yahoo work but no one is ready to reveal the secret to them. Meanwhile yahoo is not all about carrying laptop up and down claiming that you are a street boy without cashing out even itunes card if you are such brother you are wasting your time.

    Whites are now wiser than before , and many old formats are no longer working for them so you need real and latest orientations.

    Tools you need to start Yahoo work.

    Phone or laptop.

    This is the first tools you need to start yahoo work, when i say phone i mean Internet enabled phones either android or iPhone, laptop is an added advantage too but if you don’t have laptop or enough money to buy one kindly start with your phone, i started with my phone back in 2013 and my first cashout was $2500 before i later bought a laptop.

    Why i love laptop is that many works you can access here won’t be clear enough if you are using just phones and some vpn or Rdp don’t work in phone.

    But like i said earlier you can start with a good phone , after you make enough money from the yahoo work then you can buy laptop .

    I recommend you buy a 2gb ram and above phones with strong battery with this your work can be smooth enough.

    Internet connection.

    As you have gotten a good phone next is a strong Internet connection, either wifi or mobile data so you can be staying online 2,47.

    You should consider location with 3g network not just any network also make sure you always have subscription/data for browsing even if you don’t have spear money for data use your feeding money to subscribe and be updating your Clients that’s called street blood. You have to give up everything to make it in life.

    Also never you use public network like cafe or neighbors Internet enable phones to chat your Clients , your secrets may be revealed and also your working account may be blocked if discovered that you are using different ip for one account.

    Vpn And Rdp.

    In my previous topic i stated what Vpn is and the usefulness so if you haven’t seen it go and read up,Vpn and Rdp is very good for your yahoo work, since you are from Nigeria or ghana your targets are people in the developed countries like usa, Canada, uk , Australia e.t.c so to open working or dating account in this areas you need vpn or rdp.

    Avoid using free vpn, infact anything free just avoid it because you will be only covered 50% which is not save, get a paid and premium vpn at cheap rate i can give you some.

    Some strong vpn to use are Nord, ip vanish, express vpn,HMA vpn e.t.c.

    Foreign phone number.

    To become a successful yahoo boy you need a foreign phone number,reasons is that since you are working with foreign account,, you need to also provides foreign phone number to your clients for him to believe truly that you are from that country. This foreign phone number can be USA phone,canada phone number, uk phone number.e.t.c this phone number can be use to call your Client or you can use it to open WhatsApp,Facebook and any other dating site. See How to create USA number for WhatsApp and calls 2023 .

    Remember don’t chat your Client for long on Facebook,hangout or Instagram your account can easily be blocked/banned and you will lose the client. So my advice is get a foreign phone number like USA, use it to open WhatsApp then be chating your Client here,WhatsApp is more save.

    Dating account/bombing websites.

    Even if you have the whole tools and you don’t have this one, the tools will be useless, you have to meet clients before using this tools for them.

    So how can you meet them ? Through social Media and dating sites, some of the websites i recommend for you to bomb clients are:







    And some personal website i normally use.

    many dating sites are not free but i have ways of getting them my self.

    Yahoo formats.

    Now that you have seen client in the websites i listed above its now time to start giving them formats, first what is yahoo formats?

    Yahoo formats are those words and lies you send to your clients daily so he or she can believe you and love up, in this website i have listed many kinds of formats you can use for your clients e.g

    Dating format

    Military format

    Itunes gifts card format

    Fbi format

    Menstruation format

    Love format

    And so on.

    You have to be updating your Client with latest format not the one that have casted.

    So lets get to the main point of this post.

    Am about to hold your hand like a brother and teacher to show you step by step on how you can become a yahoo big boy and cash out money this year.

    How will i do this

    I have already packaged an ebook in form of pdf file, i have explained secret ways you can become rich as a yahoo boy within one month of work.

    This book contain all kinds of yahoo formats like :

  • complete yahoo dating format
  • complete yahoo military format
  • complete yahoo Fbi format
  • complete sugar daddy format
  • complete iTunes gifts card format
  • Yahoo credit card format
  • yahoo inheritance format
  • will also give you foreign number like USA, Canada , UK or any foreign number you want.

    You can use this phone number to open

    WhatsApp (foreign WhatsApp)


    Dating sites.

    As our student, you will be giving vpn that you can be using free of charge.

    Also i have documented working white men and women pictures and videos that i will give to you so you can start work immediately.

    All my students will get the latest tricks on how to use Facebook for yahoo without getting banned or blocked.

    will train you to be a professional yahoo boy within short time( remember this offer is not for everybody)

    What is the cost of this training, formats, foreign number and vpn ?

    The cost of everything is just #30,00

    After the payment you will be added to hustlers students WhatsApp group where you can meet young powerful minds to share ideas we call it (Online HK ) lol

    All students have their own phishing website link that you will send to your client to hack his credit card and bank details.

    With all this tools i mentioned above is 100% step by step ways to become a successful yahoo boy.

    So what are you waiting for? Contact me now before i close this offer.

    To get this tools, formats and be added to our WhatsApp group for updates and training

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