Bitcoin yahoo scam format – all you need to know & bill client

Bitcoin is one of best Crypto-currency worldwide that can be transfer/send to someone without the help or involvement of central banks of any country.

With this above explanation,you should understand why people uses bitcoin Yahoo scam format to cashout.

Further explanation

Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

And it is the world first cryptocurrency, bitcoin is not stored in a financial bank but securely on the internet through a digital ledger known as a blockchain.

When you have bitcoin you can sell or exchange it to raw cash within 10 minutes or less.

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Why you should use bitcoin yahoo format.

Bitcoin is secured.

With bitcoin, receiving money from your clients is very save, no fear of efcc, FBI or any financial crime institute will know about the transactions.

Not like western union or money gram that can request for ID and some security numbers, bitcoin is not like that all you need is just wallet.

Bitcoin is Fast.

Transaction with bitcoin is very fast when you are receiving Or sending bitcoin, transaction is always fast,it takes like 10 minutes or less for blockchain to confirm the deal. so if you bill your client now you can still receive payment same time.

No Bank Involved.

We have encounter many situations in which clients finds it difficult to visit the bank, and also many clients who tries to send money through the bank ends up being discouraged by the bank staff telling him or her that he is about to be scammed.

So to avoid this we advice you use this bitcoin yahoo scam format.

Ways to use bitcoin yahoo scam.

Fake investment/ponzi scheme

Today we have many fake bitcoin investment websites that claims to double your bitcoin with them when you invest. Example is “MMM” and” getHelp” first it may look real in your eyes and you may want to pull in, las las all issa SCAM.

you too can use this method and cash out within few days of using it.

How to use bitcoin fake investment scheme to do yahoo scam.

Firstly you may need a website but if you don’t want to own a website i will show you other methods to use.

This website will be a “fake bitcoin mining ” website, it will be created in a way that the public can register their profile account, put in their bitcoin as investment and the fake mining machine will be reading daily.

If you need to own this kind of website just message me and i will give you the price.

Also if you don’t need the website follow the steps below.

Open a foreign profile account in many social network like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and WhatsApp, set up the account to be real and use a USA number for the WhatsApp.

In this post i will be using Facebook to get my bitcoin client.

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Join many groups on Facebook e.g


Bitcoin investment

Usa bitcoin

World bitcoin

Bitcoin investment Germany

Bitcoin 24h

Bitcoin official Group.

All this groups are talking about bitcoin,

What i do is join this group and update it daily with some bitcoin pictures that i receive and also add caption. Check below:

Post this picture

Grow your Bitcoin with the best bitcoin investment platform.

Its legit and secured

Its 100% paying.

Instant payout




Plan 1 18% after 24hours



Plan2 45% after 48hours



Plan3 70% after 72hours



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Try and post this everyday in the groups and other popular Facebook pages, many persons will message you to learn more. Move them to your WhatsApp (foreign number). show them your fake bitcoin screenshots,explain to them what they will benefit after investing,many persons know noting about bitcoin so you must teach them what bitcoin is all about.

As soon as he is ready to invest, if you have a website already send him the link but if you don’t have tell the client to open luno wallet. With luno anybody can buy bitcoin with credit card worldwide.

Now that he have the bitcoin Ready, its either you take the luno account email and password from him and move out the whole coin or you tell him to transfer the coin into your wallet for investment.

Dating/friendship bitcoin scam.

This one is for those into Dating or you have friend’s abroad.

you can use this format in two ways, its either you use it as means of payment instead of your client going to bank to transfer cash or you persuade the client to invest on bitcoin.

Many of them know noting about bitcoin, its your duties to lecture them what its all about.

I always use this method for my dating client to collect money instead of sending her to bank.

Check our short conversation with my client below:

Me:Hi honey, the money i ask you from you last week, hope its ready? Please i need it this week so i can pay up the debt am owing and also buy some useful stuffs.

Client: you know i told you i have issue with sending money from bank, how can i send the money? The last time i went to bank the costumer care was not friendly and you know am old and hardly go out.

Me: i understand honey, you can transfer it with your mobile phone, since you have credit card.

Just visit in your phone browser and register with your information.

Client : ok i will do that soon as possible.

Me : ok honey am waiting!!

Client : i just registered now so what next will i do? I don’t understand the thing. See the screenshoot.

Me : just click on buy bitcoin and you will see “deposit” click it and deposit the $1000 , its very easy.

Client : i have done that, i can see some

figures written like this 0.0006855 but i don’t understand it.

Me : click on “send” and also put this code 3GsDdbQ9vHkvvkagRR9F3g2h7Tec3p2S2n

Copy the code and paste it, after that put $1000 as amount and send.

Client :ok done now, i can’t see those figures again, what happened or have you receive it, explain to me.

Me : honey don’t worry i will soon receive it and exchange it to cash, no need going to bank again, i love you.

You see how i scope him, now he can send me bitcoin anytime and day.

Also you can tell your dating client to invest in bitcoin, explain what its means and promise her $$$$ if he invest now. Show him how to open bitcoin wallet account and fund it online, collect the password from him and move out the whole bitcoin.

Fake bitcoin sender software

This one is for those who buys things online with bitcoin or you are selling bitcoin to someone, the software is very good in what its meant for, you can easily fake bitcoin and also generate blockchain link for proves.

How does fake bitcoin sender software works?

You input the sender and receiver’s bitcoin addresses.

You as well input the amount.

Then click on “Generate“.

The software will give you a live blockchain link to track the transaction, making it look real and it will show “awaiting confirmation” in the receiver’s wallet.

But the transaction disappears after 48hours

Note this software is not free!!!

if you have any question or issue kindly drop your comment and i will reply you.

You need the fake bitcoin software or you need bitcoin investment website cost for each you can send me email

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