Talking about Yahoo formats, celebrity formats are popular and currently paying yahoo boys like other latest formats.
In this post I will be teaching you everything you need to know about yahoo celebrity formats.

Who is a celebrity

A celebrity is someone who is widely recognized and diagnosed with the aid of the general public for his or her achievements in a specific field, together with amusement, sports activities, politics, or business. They regularly have an excessive stage of reputation and notoriety, and their private lives and sports are often accompanied and reported on by means of the media. Celebrities may be actors, musicians, athletes, politicians, social media influencers, or other public figures who’ve gained extensive interest and a large following.

Examples of celebrities:

  • Drake
  • WizKid
  • Beyonce
  • Nick Minaj
  • Future
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Tom Hanks
  • Gary Sinise

  • How Yahoo boys cash out using Celebrity Formats

    As a yahoo Boy, they are many methods you can use to cash out if you are using Celebrity Formats.

    Creating fake social media accounts:

    You can create fake social media accounts using the name, photos, and other details of a celebrity. You can also use the same username or handle as the celebrity to make it seem more real.

    Impersonating the celebrity in emails or direct messages:

    You can send emails or direct messages to fans, pretending to be the celebrity. You may use a similar email address or handle as the celebrity to make it seem more convincing.

    Offering fake opportunities:

    You can reach out to fans offering fake opportunities, such as the chance to meet the celebrity or win a prize. You can ask for personal information or payment in exchange for these opportunities.

    Hacking into the celebrity’s account:

    In some cases, you can actually gain access to the celebrity’s social media or email accounts by using phishing scams or other hacking methods. Once they have access, they can post fake messages or interact with fans as if they were the celebrity.

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    Celebrity formats steps

    First Go to Instagram or Facebook, create an account with the celebrity information you want to be using.
    Go to the original celebrity page and download many of his photos and videos, then upload them in your profile, once your page is now set now it’s time to promote the page.

    It’s either you pay page promoters for it or you boost it yourself, The reason for boosting it is to get many followers so it can look real.

    Make sure to be updating the profile with new photos and videos, always remember to use trending hash ## tags.

    Ones you starts getting followers, your DM will be filled with fans trying to interact with you,any of them will be beging you for financial help, some will be asking for collaboration, some persons will be asking for repost.

    Now is the time to use your celebrity billing Formats

    Celebrity Billing formats

    They are many ways to billing your clients in celebrity format.

  • Show concerts tickets : here you tell those chatting you that you have a show/concert coming up soon, tell them to buy tickets or sponsorship so you can be able to meet them in person on the day of the concert. To make it look real, create and design a flyer, upload it.

    Put the price $100 for regular tickets, 300 for VIP.

    To collect payment, create another fake Instagram account, tell anyone ready to message the account for ticket purchase, once they message that your second account, collect money for ticket through bitcoin or gift card.

  • Album sponsorship – here you tell your fans also known as clients that you are dropping an album soon, and you need sponsorship for promotion of the album.

    Many persons will be ready to promote the album because they are your fans .

  • Charity organisation donation: many celebrities have charity organisation he or she is managing or helping, tell your clients that they should donate to your foundation, no amount is mall, it can be from $100, explain to them the importance of giving.

  • Bitcoin investment : this is for those coming to you for financial help, tell them that you have investment opportunities for them, tell them about bitcoin investment, how they can invest $100 and get $500 with a week.

    Open a fake investment website, direct clients to the site so they can invest.

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