One of the tools you need if you are working military, FBI , lawyer e.t.c is ID card, it can be international passport, national identity card or Driver’s license. In this post I will be showing you how to create a fake id card and drivers license.

One of the importance of this fake id card is that you can use it to prove that you are real to your clients.

Ways to get drivers License and ID card

There are two ways to get this fake id.


With photoshop you can be able to create any fake id card you want but you know how to use it, it is a bit technical and requires designing skills. You can watch the video tutorial below.

fake id generator

This is a free online tool design to help you create Id cards of any, it is very simple,all you just need is to fill out all your details and the software will generate it for you.

you can generate a fake license within seconds. It does not care where you belong to or anything, you can generate look alike authenticated driver’s license in one place.
How to clone simcard using just phone number

This tool gives you instant access to generating fake driving licenses for any country, state, and city you belong to. But, once again, this is a temporary solution for you.

How to generate fake id

First Go to The Generator Website

  • Select the file format as per your need. You can select any from Jason, XML, and CSV.

  • Select the country from the dropdown menu. The tool provides you about 100+ countries to select.

  • Type in City, State, ZIP code to give a clear idea.

  • Select the No. of License.

  • Click on generate results. The results will display on the screen below.
  • Now your id is ready

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