Where are those seriously searching for OTP solutions, I have good news for you, the challenges you are facing when hacking bank accounts or social media accounts are settled with the SIM cloning method.

Every financial and social media software, website and application always have otp security issues which prevents third parties from having access.

In this post I will be teaching you how to clone sim cards with just the phone number.

Have you taught about transferring clients messages and calls from one simcard to another? This is done by hackers to steal OTP and other important messages such as whatsapp confirmation codes etc.

Studies has shown that over 80% of SMS diverts are done using simero clone and that’s what we are here to discuss.

Well there is a software available that allows you to clone any SIM card with just the phone number, which is SIMERO

What is SIMERO Software

Simero software is an application that allows you to clone one SIM card to another, transferring calls, SMS to another SIM easily. This software is available for Android, iPhone and Pc devices.

Features of Simero

  • The simero doesn’t expire once active. You keep using as long as you have the app on your device.

  • The original SIM card and the Cloned Sim must be of same network e.g MTN to MTN, Glo to Glo, Airtel to Airtel etc.

  • Maximum of five Cloned are allowed in every 24hrs and you can cancel each clone whenever it’s necessary

  • After 24hrs, clone are automatically canceled. When that happens, you will no longer get the calls and messages unless you addup number to clone again.

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    It’s similar to call divert but more advanced because messages are also forwarded to the hackers phone alongside victims calls.

    Things you need for Simero cloner

  • Simero cloner App and Activation code: you need the software to be installed in your device, it works for Android, iPhone and Pc devices. The purchase of the software comes with the license code.

  • Original phone number: This is the victims phone number you want to divert messages and SMS from using simero clone app.

  • Clone Phone number: This is the phone number where you want the calls and SMS to be forwarded. You should always be careful in choosing this phone number as it can be tracked if it’s too personal.

  • How to Download Simero software

    You can get it only from www.hackwizard.net

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