For one use or the other you could be needing phone number for verification,in this case we have decided to provide you all country phone number canada, UK, usa, WhatsApp and all verification.

Many people in Nigeria are interested in ways to create a working WhatsApp account with a USA / canada number instead of their regular Nigerian ones. Such a switch has a number of advantages that should not be underestimated. This is why we’ll try to figure out several working and simple ways to replace the Nigerian number with a USA one in your WhatsApp account.

In this post am going to show you how we can get usa,Canada or any other country phone number you can use for whatsapp and all apps, you need not travel out to get US phone number for verification.

This numbers we are giving you are legit and permanent,each number for each person.

Why you should need foreign number.

WhatsApp verification

this days many clients don’t like using hangout,so the best option now is WhatsApp. How is that possible since you are not in this country, don’t worry we got you covered. we can provide you foreign NUMBER to use for WhatsApp, any country worldwide is available.

PayPal verification

Nigeria PayPal don’t receive funds so if you want to be receiving fund from from your clients and withdraw into your Nigerian bank account directly you need a foreign PayPal account.

So creating a foreign PayPal account requires the country number for verification. We have all country phone number that can verify PayPal account.

Fiverr verification

working on fiverr with Nigeria account is not easy that’s why many freelancer preferred choosing other countries when registering, but it requires a phone number verification and you must use the country phone number,our numbers can verify fiverr, upwork and other freelance websites.

Dating website verification

Are you opening ,elitesdating ,POF and need usa or canada phone number for verification then you need us. Remember that African countries can’t use this sites expect You use vpn and foreign phone number.

Google voice verification

Google voice is available for only USA residents,that means if someone from another country wants to register for google voice you will need a real usa number for verification and our NUMBER can do that.

Countries phone number that we have for verifications.

RU Russian Federation

KZ Kazakhstan

UA Ukraine

RO Romania

AR Argentina

BY Belarus

BY_V Belarus

BR Brazil

KH Cambodia

CN2 China

CI Cote D’Ivoire

South Africa

HR Croatia

EE Estonia

FI Finland

FR France

GE Georgia

DE_V Germany

GH Ghana

HT Haiti

ID Indonesia

IL Israel

KE Kenya

KG Kyrgyzstan

LV Latvia

LT Lithuania

MO Macao

MY_V Malaysia

MX_V Mexico

MD Moldova

NL Netherlands

NZ New Zealand

PY Paraguay

PH Philippines

PL Poland

RS Serbia

ES_V Spain

SE Sweden

UK United Kingdom

US United States

VN Vietnam

All countries available just mention it for us.

Applications that the number can verify

WhatsApp phone verification

Facebook phone verification

Instagram phone verification

POF phone verification

Google phone verification

Microsoft phone verification

Voopee phone verification

Dndhou phone verification

Azure phone verification

CashApp phone verification

Doordash phone verification

TTYahoo phone verification

Yahoo phone verification

Amazon phone verification

Survey phone verification

Wechat phone verification







Valued Opinions












Google Voice





This number cost 10k

About this phone number.

  • Each number for one user.
  • The number is permanent.
  • It is a one time verification number.
  • incase you need this number email us now

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