Have you been having issues with clients asking you to send your nude photos and videos,if you don’t have then we have solution for you.

This Yahoo format for men asking 4 your nude nakked picture and video will solve the problem of those client always looking for sexy nudes.

Ways to avoid clients from asking for nudes.

Choose clients from specific countries:

From our experience we have noticed that those male clients that always ask for nudes are either from India, Pakistan, Africa, Philippines in fact all Asian counties are guilt of this. So if you don’t have nude to be sending regularly you must not add clients from this countries except you are working man to woman, you can bomb USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Qatar, China,Switzerland,UK and North american precisely.

Explain your religious beliefs:

During the time of introduction i.e when you just met the client,tell him about your religion/belief it maybe Christian, Muslim or other.

Explain to him what your religion don’t accept and that includes making nude videos and pictures.

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Bad phone camera.

In this situation,if the client keep on requesting nude,tell him about your bad camera or your phone can’t clearly do a self video,if he keep insisting bill him a certain amount (money you will use to repair your camera ).

Read below my conversation with a client asking me for nak*d video .

  • Me: hello honey how are you?
  • Client:fine and you too ? Can i see more of your sexy pictures?
  • Me:Hell No. I value my body. I’m not a whore, neither am | a model nor a Prostitute. It’s pretty bad flirting with all men online. I’ve had a lot of experience here. Some men would hit me up and tell me very sweet words for few days. Make promises that are too sweet to be true and after getting along with them, they end up asking for my Nude pictures. I’m a military personnel. l patriot from a reputable family. Hackers are just to many online here who could hack into chats and steal pictures and use again the owner by blackmailing. I want a man that would love me wholeheartedly and not for sex only. Truly Sex is very important in a relationship cos it brings intimacy, Fun, getting one pregnant and help to step down sexual anxiety in men and in women during ovulation period, but I think if a man truly loves me like he said, Sex is worth waitina for. There is no need
  • Client: baby am sorry, its okay i now understand dont be angry.

  • With this message above he will never ask you for nude pix again.

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