This kind of yahoo format ( Reshipping yahoo format) is a fraud whereby you buy items online with stolen credit cards and then sends the goods or items to your clients,the stolen items comes to his house so the fraud trail of this crime leads right to the clients house.

As soon as the client have received the goods or items,he can either shipped it to your country or he sells the items and send you the money value.

This format is not only for your dating clients,you can still give someone fake employment and be using him for this dirty job.

Another method of this scam is after using a stolen credit card or the one you use phishing software to get then buys goods,you can ship to to wrong address,then later you contact the person telling him that it was a mistake ask the recipient to ship the items somewhere else,using a prepaid shipping label.

Tools you need for Reshipping yahoo format

Credit card

This may be a stolen or phishing credit card,just like your local atm card,the use is to shop through online markets like jumia,Amazon,Ebay e.t.c, you can still buy credit cards online.

Usa phone number

With this you can use it to be calling clients that you are shipping the items to,either through calls or WhatsApp text messaging.

Professional email

This email is what you will be using to send bulk employment messages to the public,any one who is interested in your job offer can start working with you.

Steps to start Reshipping yahoo format

Visit job listing sites and place your vacancy about your company looking for work from home persons,they work is to collect items, and reshipped it to the owner.

If you have email list [usa] you can use it.


  • Usa Location
  • $42K circa package
  • Busy and varied role

  • Short Description

    No need Of high decree qualification, successful sales agent in UK requires the professional skills of an experienced Reshipper/Admin person. $42K circa package

    Well established small reshipper company in the manufacturing industry is looking for the services of a proactive Reshipper/Administrator to work in different states in USA.

    With a breakdown of 75% admin/sales support and 25% reception and secretarial focus, you will utilise your strong project management and organisational skills.

    All You had to do is accept packages that will be shipped to you and bring them into your home. You would then take a picture of the box and forward that photo to the so-called company proving it was in your possession. After getting the shipment and repacking the stuff, you would take the goods to the FedEx center nearby where you would forward the material using shipping labels that the company had emailed.

    Our pay is $4000 monthly.

    Please kindly reply our mail if you like this offer to starting immediately.

    After sending this a lots of persons will apply,send congratulations message to few,and start using them,first try them with lesser product of below $500 and if they deliver you can increase it.. As soon as the goods get to her, she must reshipped it to you immediately.

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