In this time of corona virus,I hope you all bad guys are utilizing this opportunities to cash out from your clients and victims? Here am going to show you Corona virus yahoo scam formats – latest 419 updates that you collect use to collect $$$ this period.

First what is corona virus ?

According to World health organization, Coronavirus disease also known as (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus.

This disease is caused by virus to animal then transferred to human and it can be easily transferred from one person to another (epidemic).

Since early this year that this sickness started many yahoo boys have lost lots of money and clients,either your client or any of his family is affected by the virus or that he/she have been restricted from working or going to bank to send money,some clients might have lost their life in this period.

Same way some smart yahoo guys have also utilized this opportunities in making more more money from clients and the general public.

Here am going to show you different ways you can scam public using Corona virus yahoo scam formats – latest 419 updates.

different ways to use Corona virus yahoo scam formats

Dating clients

If you have a serious dating client then is format is for,you can easily tell him/her how you or any of your relatives have been affected by the virus (COVID-19),since the almost every country is been affected by this you don’t need much proves or evidence for the client to believe. You can Also download some of the corona virus victim’s pictures and send.

Format below!

Hello honey, I don’t know how to tell you these but am seriously in pain, life of my younger brother is in danger because he have been sick for two days now I have to call our family doctor, after doing some test we discovered that he have been affected by this new treading virus (corona virus),right now he have been transfered to the general hospital for treatment and currently I don’t have enough to sort out the hospital bill for treatment to start because I have been at home since this period, my love I really need your help now in any way you can assist me with money.

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Note : please try when copying this format, try and edit it and use your own words too,you can bill the client from $1000 up and payment method should be bitcoin or western union.

Phishing website or mail

Most of you might have known what phishing is for those that are new here “Phishing is a method of trying to gather personal information using deceptive e-mails and websites.”

With phishing websites you can get peoples credit card details, bank details and some of their personal details,so how can you use phishing website in Corona virus yahoo scam formats?

Last week I came across some posts on WhatsApp and its all talking about how federal government is giving out #8500 to the citizen for them to fight the virus another one is about free data bundle to browser free during this period.

All you need to do is create a phishing page, this page will contain giveaways offers or job opportunities about corona virus, it will contain payment gate way where by someone can fill out his information, bank and credit card details.

check images below

Format example below



*All* Nigeria Citizens are Entitled to 100GB of Data *to stay* *at* *Home* To counter the COVID 19 Case We offer you 100GB of free internet connection.

*. All Nigeria Citizens are entitled to free Internet Connection to stay at home safely and enjoy the internet in a bid to control the spread of COVID 19.The free internet package is available to everyone starting from Tuesday 24 March 2020.*

Phishing site/page can be created by a programmer or web geek,you can still watch YouTube videos how to do this if you don’t have money.

Charity Donation

In this time of corona virus people like helping each other especially helping sick persons in the hospital suffering from the disease, so you can use this Corona virus yahoo scam formats here by pretending to be from a charity organization or non-govermental organization trying to help sick persons, beg people for donations in a matured and unsuspicious way. I bet you this is a nice idea and latest updates.

Social media is one of the places you can see clients who will make donations, Instagram,Facebook and twitter. Create a very nice profile account, upload pictures of corona virus victims receiving donations,then you are good to go.

I will keep updating this post as time goes on, you can drop your comments and stay tune for more updates

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