Blogging is one of the best ways to make

Money legitimately online in this world as a whole. Blogging is very popular making Money scheme because by just sharing your thoughts and ideas online,you can make lots of money daily.

In this post i am going to show you How to start a blog that makes money – blogging business, why you should start a blog as a business/career,ways to make money through blogging, so try and read to the end.

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How much can i earn in blogging ?

I will be talking about it from experience,using myself (A blogger) as an example. Through blogging you can earn lots of money monthly depending on the efforts you puts in your blog. I personally earn noting less than #800k monthly and many of my blogger s friends earns up to 5m monthly.

Disclaimer : blogging is not a get rich quick something, don’t expect to start earning millions immediately you open blog, it has some process you must take plus hard work.

How to start a blog / become a blogger

To become a blogger and to make money through blogging, they are steps in which you have to take and put efforts on, check them below:

  • Choose A perfect niche
  • Open and start a blog
  • Build your blog SEO optimisation
  • Monetize your blog/
  • Start earning money

  • First thing before starting a blog is choosing a perfect niche for yourself,what does niche means? Am talking about the blogging interest you have,what you want to blog about.

    They are many things to consider before choosing a blogging niche:

  • Do you have passion in this topic?
  • Can you write long episodes in this ?
  • Can this niche earn you money through blogging?
  • How competitive is this niche ?
  • I advice young upcoming bloggers to always blog what they have passion about (their daily life) writing about what you like will always be easier compared to writing something else.

    Blogging requires long writing and researches, writing a story line that you know or have interest in is very easy and sweet.

    Also you have to consider niche that will earn you enough money online through blogging, our main purpose of venturing into blogging is to make money, so choose an niche that will fetch you money easily.

    Some niche are very competitive examples is entertainment niche. I won’t advice an upcoming blogger to venture into entertainment niche because its very competitive and requires lots of time.

    Some blogging niche available for you:

  • Entertainment = news,gossip,music,video
  • Sport = football news, livescores
  • MMO = make money niche
  • Fashion E.t.c

  • Choose a Blog Platform to operate

    The next step after choosing your niche is choosing your blog platform to operate on, we have to popular blogging platform which i will recommend to newbies “WordPress and blogspot” this platforms is an online software that enables you create and maintain a blog. A blogging platform offers you an easy to use interface for posting content to your blog.

    I advised you use self hosted WordPress for your blog as that is what am using currently.

    Choose and buy website name and hosting

    This stage you need to thoroughly search for a name for your website, you must choose name suitable for your niche, every website has its domain name and yours must have too. To do this log on to and search for available domain name for your website.

    You will also have to buy hosting account where your website and data will be hosted, you should get it at about $25 yearly,you can buy this on name cheap too.

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    Install WordPress and design website

    Once you are done buying domain name and hosting, the next is to install WordPress,install theme of your choice. This themes comes with designs, so you don’t need to street yourself in design, all you need to do is to install the theme and do some minor editing to your taste.

    Start writing/publishing post

    Blogging is all about writing,writing what you have interest on and what will benefit your readers, once your blog is set,now is to start the main work which is writing and publishing posts, make your post to be lengthy,catchy and educative for your readers.

    Avoid copy and paste because it will affect your blog ranking in a long run. Make sure all your posts are well researched and unique. If you cant write very well kindly employ writers who will handle your writing works.

    Build your blog seo

    Seo means search engine optimisation,this practice exposes your blog to popular search engines like google and you gain enough visitors and traffic. As a newbie in blogging getting a traffic is one of the most challenging aspects, your audience is what will convert to incomes/money. Doing this yourself is not easy so you must employ and seo expert to handle the job for you.

    Start earning from your blog

    Now this is the main part you have been looking for because everybody needs money and everyone who is going into blogging is doing so because of money,so you will be asking me how can you earn from your blow ? I will list three best ways you can easily earn from your blog:

  • Affiliate marketing
    Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting the products or services of another person or company in exchange for a commission on the resulting sale. Here you will earn enough payment if you help company to sell their products through your website, many are earning thousand of dollars from Amazon,jumia, e.t.c
  • Google AdSense
    Google AdSense is also a nice and better ways to earn money from your blog. AdSense is owned and managed by google, google will advertise people’s goods and service in your blog and pay you every month for it.

  • Selling your own products
    Another way to make money from blogging is by selling your own products,you can sell your skills or services through your blog. Many bloggers are earning from teaching others how to blog, how to make money online, how to solve some blogging issues. If you have any skill you can write about it in your blog and make money from it.
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