How Much Can I Earn From Online Jobs in Nigeria

How Much Can I Earn From Online Jobs in Nigeria? can I make money online in Nigeria? and a lot of make money online-related questions are some of the questions mostly asked by novices looking to join the online space and make money online.

However, the purpose of this website creation was to address and help novices out with answers to all their questions regarding how to make money online and hustle. With that being said, in this article, I am going to share some of the online jobs you can do as a Nigerian and how much you can possibly make from that jobs.

The figures will be listed here are based on an estimation of what people already doing these online jobs are earning. This means that you could either make lower than whatever we will be mentioning or much more than what we will be mentioning. it all depends on the work you put in and a lot of other things.

Benefits of Online Jobs

Below are some of the benefits of starting an online job and why you should actually start one today.

  1. Quality Family Time
  2. Less stress and pressure from bosses
  3. Save money that would have been used for transportation to work
  4. Flexibility

How Much Can I Earn From Online Jobs in Nigeria

The amount of money you can earn from online jobs in Nigeria isn’t fixed and is also largely dependent on the type of online job you’re doing or talking about. However, below are some of the online jobs you can do in Nigeria and how much you can actually make from each of them.

  1. Online Writing Job.

This online job is best suited for you if you enjoy writing. Online writing jobs are growing in popularity since every website on the internet needs fresh content on a regular basis.

You may read, practice, and follow some well-known blog writers to improve your writing skills even if you have no experience in the field but still want to make money online.

After you become proficient in writing, you may start applying for online jobs that fit your qualifications and start earning money.

As an online writer in Nigeria, you can write blogs, affiliate marketers looking for sales copy or email marketers, and a lot more.

You will make an estimate of NGN 120,000 monthly. However, it is important to note that how much you will make also depends on your professionalism and the company you are writing for.

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2. Online Survey Jobs

Online survey jobs aren’t new however, many Nigerian looking to make money online do not really know about them. All you have to do to make money from online survey jobs is to register for as many survey companies as possible and wait for surveys to be available

Once available, visit the site and review whatever products, or services they will give and give honest feedback. Most surveys do not even require products review as they could be just questioned regarding a particular thing or topic.

You are contributing to the creation of a good or service by taking the time to voice your opinion. In actuality, the accuracy of the data you supply determines how good an online survey will be.

After completing one survey, you’ll receive $5 to $20. You can earn more than $1000 a month if you sign up for 10 to 20 sites and obtain at least 50 paid surveys each month.

3. Social Media Jobs

Social media is something everybody is familiar with and also uses every day, from Facebook to Twitter and others, they’re plenty of social media platforms out there.

However, most people only used these social media for chatting, viewing, and liking videos and images, and other fun activities and do not know that you can actually make money from social media.

You can make money from social media by managing social media accounts on various platforms for the majority of positions in the social media industry, organizing publicity campaigns that will be shared on social media, or creating interactive online content.

In Nigeria, you can charge between N40,000 to N200,000 monthly working from home as a social media manager or expert for small businesses

4. Virtual Assistants

Small teams, professionals, and business owners frequently require support with a variety of administrative duties.

This could include setting up appointments, communicating with clients and investors, tracking down orders, producing paperwork for the workplace like Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations, managing blogs, and other online presences.

Depending on your qualifications, becoming a virtual assistant may require some training or orientation. But, getting started is simple if you have strong communication skills and know how to use programs like MS Word.

You can make up to ₦2750.00 or more working as a virtual assistant. However, most virtual assistant charges on an hourly based, however, the pricing and the payment method are totally up to you.

5. Web Development Jobs.

Do you have any knowledge of web programming and design? If so, being a website developer can be done with ease from home. You may find plenty of simple internet lessons that can help you get started even if you are a beginner who is interested in the career.

Since web development is typically outsourced by firms and businesses in Nigeria, it should be simple to obtain employment in this field.

Remember that there are many independent web developers out there that could challenge you for business. It’s crucial to identify your niche, establish a solid reputation, and maintain fair pricing.

It is estimated that you can earn up to or more than $100000 per year as a web developer. however, they are various factors to be considered.


The amount of money you can make from online jobs in Nigeria isn’t limited to a particular figure as most online jobs pay in dollars which when converted to Nigerian currency is quite profitable.

You can make far more money than the amount we have listed in this article or even less, it all depends on how much work you put into it.  If you want to succeed in the online space, it is important that you treat whatever you’re doing online to make money as a business and not just as some fun activity.

We hope this article has been able to help by answering the question, How Much Can I Earn From Online Jobs in Nigeria? however, you can drop a comment below, we are always ready to answer and help out.

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