Dear you,A yahoo boy, are you tired of doing dating works? Have you been bombing dating sites without seeing any reasonable clients that we pay you ? Then am going to introduce you to hacking.

In this post i will show you 12 bank hacking softwares/App yahoo boys can use to make money. This apps can’t be found in playstore,you can only get them through dark web.

This hacking apps are very dangerous to victims and can mess everything up for them.

This apps are not free.

Below are hacking softwares/apps use by yahoo boys

Cardro pro

Cardro Pro V10 Is one Best Mobile and PC software for BVN hacking. It makes it easy accessing and withdrawing money from any Nigeria Bank account with Verified BVN (Bank Verification number).

There’s No Way You Can Search How to Transfer Money From someone else account using BVN without coming in contact with Cardro Pro V10, cardro pro v6, 6.5 or Cardro
8.0,8.5 and others.

Cardro pro software is the number one best tools for bvn hacking, credit carding, OTP bypass and wizard work.


XDolte is a Hacking Tool developed to solve the issue of Transferring Funds from stolen or hacked credit/debit cards in Nigeria without having OTP verification issues.

With XDOLTE Apk app specially designed for Android users, anyone can make bank transfers without OTP. Let me break down the two functions of this tool.

XDOLTE for Transfer You only have to do your normal Bank Transaction. By entering your card number, Card cvv, card expiration date. XDOLTE don’t ask for ATM pin nor OTP.

XDolte for Shopping: This Tool Have its own Inbuilt mobile Browser which makes it possible to shop on any online store in Nigeria without OTP. Provided you entered the product link using XDOLTE browser, When You Hire us to Purchase things online using your stolen cards, this is the same tool we make use of and it’s perfect when it comes to shopping online without OTP.


Xcaret100 is one Best Otp Bypass software which makes it possible to cashout credit or debit cards to Bitcoin, bank or use them for online shopping. In other words, Xcaret100 got just three ways through which cashout can be made.

You don’t need card pin or additional details when using Xcaret100 software. All you need is the clients Card number, CVV and expiry Date. Once you get these details, you can load the funds directly to your Xcaret100 wallet without otp.


Cardcumbo gives all premium users IP of different locations to avoid tracking. With CardCumbo, You can steal Any bank account credit Card Details without trace, Withdraw from stolen cards anonymously and also send perfect fake bank alerts both locally and internationally.

Flashfund tool

This app as the name sound is use for flashing of fund (sending of fake alert) to any bank account in the world, you you have heard about fake alert scam then know that flashfund tool was used to carried out that crime. With this tool you can send fake alert to bank account account,the person will receive alert message in his phone,the money will also reflect in his available balance for 48hrs.


Coinceller its an application that send fake bitcoin transaction to anyone you want. Its a software that will send fake cryptocurency to your Client with any amount you desire to send. But the bitcoin will return to the software within a week or days (depends on days you set to return it)

There are Many Bitcoin Flashers Online, they helps make real Bitcoin money. They help exchange fake Bitcoins to real Currency but among all, CoinCeller is the Best when it comes to flashing Coins online.

Sportybet balance adder

Sporty bet balance adder is an android app which enables you to add real money to your sportybet available balance and stake games with the funds

With Sportybet Balance Adder which is available for android devices, you don’t need to stress yourself in funding Your Bet wallet with your personal funds as you can easily do it using the mobile app right on your device.


VideoCorlar is use for fake video calls, With this software You can easily make video calls to your clients through whatsapp messenger under fake identity.

All you need is just a video source and audio recording if needed,otherwise you can leave the default audio.

Using VideoCorlar is just as simple as this. First of all, you will need to access the app and setup your profile by uploading a video and audio your clients will see during video calling.

How to get this softwares

To get this software mentioned above, I recommend only

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