Hustlers have been facing some issues with selling of Amazon card from day one, some of the issues are that they can’t redeem or sell Amazon card and poor rate price,so here am going to show you How to redeem Amazon gift card / convert to cash or bitcoin yourself in Nigeria or any part of the world.

What is Amazon gift card

Amazon card is a merchant gift card where funds on caIts are used to order things on amazon website.just like your client sending you recharge card / airtime. Amazon gift card are used to pay for any product you find in like phones, laptop, accessories e.t.c

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Amazon created its gift card for customers to be using it to buy things in their online store but we later figured out ways to convert it to real cash cash.

Requirements to redeem/sell Amazon gift cards

Amazon card

For you to redeem Amazon gift card and convert it to cash yourself,you must have the card either it was given to you by your client or you bought it,this card can be physical cards or just the e-code/pin,when I say e-code i meant if your client scratch the card and send you the pin,but i advice you to always take physical cards plus the receipt

So having Amazon physical card is one of the requirements in redeeming it.

Paxful Account

Paxful,like LocalBitcoins,is an online peer to peer (P2P) over the counter (OTC) exchange where peers interface with the advertisements of other peers offering to trade for Bitcoin using online wallets like Paypal Amazon cards, domestic bank transfers,and others.

For now paxful is the most trusted vendors in trading your Bitcoin and Amazon cards,just Click here and open free account,setup everything then start trading.

Amazon Card Receipt

When you buy amazon cards from store with cash, a receipt will be issued to you, this receipt is very important because many exchangers don’t like buying cards without receipt to avoid their account from being banned in the case of suspicious fraud and also if the trade goes wrong can easily claim your card with the receipt.

The method am using here is in Paxful platform,

Here we are going to exchange/trade our amazon gift cards to Bitcoin and later transfer the Bitcoin amount to our bank account.

Steps to redeem Amazon gift card to cash or Bitcoin

First go to, click sign up and fill in your details, make sure all the information are correct and register.

After registering go to your email and verify your account, you can as well very your paxful account identity.

Next is check the top of your dashboard and click buy Bitcoin, a page will open,in that page select how you want to pay for the bitcoin, here we are using Amazon gift card,select the card country currency and also the amount of Amazon card you have then click search offers.

Immediately you open the next page you will see different vendors/buyers who are ready to trade Amazon cardsnto Bitcoin, Check any of them buying the same amount of gift cards you have. Then click buy.

The next step will open, read the terms and conditions of the buyer, some buyers prepare physical cards and some don’t mind , so settle down and read the terms before starting the trade.

After you click buy now, a trade platform will be opened where you and the buyer can transact and talk to each other, send the buyer a message and if he tells you to upload the Amazon card image or the receipt, click on the camera icon and upload the card picture.

After sending the image of the amazon gift card and receipt, you now click on action and select paid this means that you have Given the guy he card, and also you have to wait for your card to be confirmed.

If your card is good and the buyer have redeem it, he will confirm to paxful and your Bitcoin will be released to you immediately, but if your can is not good you will be notified and the trade will be canceled.

Now that your Bitcoin wallet have been credited for the Amazon card you traded, you can now withdraw the amount into your Nigeria bank or any bank round the world.

With this How to redeem Amazon gift card/convert to cash yourself in Nigeria process you can sell your cards within 10 minutes and withdraw to your bank account.

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Some tips trading Amazon card in

  • Always come with your card image and receipt so you can prove it if the buyer redeem it and deny.
  • Make sure you verify your account before trading
  • Check buyers reviews and rates before transacting with them
  • Paxful is a trusted place you can trade gift card to Bitcoin or cash yourself.
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