This kind of scam is popular in USA and other developed countries,the trick is that you advertise a pet animals like Dogs,pigeon/birds,cats e.t.c online, and if anyone message you to get the pets he or she have to pay an advance fee before receiving the animal.

People that use this are called pet scammers,and they mainly targets white countries that loves pets,you might have come across someone advertising “puppies for sell ” online or any other animal,70% of these are from scammers but that doesn’t mean that you cant find genuine sellers online.

Different ways of pet scam formats

Pet Advance insurance fee.

Here you as the scammer advertised a pet for sell or that you want to giveaway to a good home,a very cute pets like puppies and cats and when being contact for negotiations you asked the buyer for payment for insurance on the supposed pet,and also tell him or she that a refund will be made as soon as pet has arrived.

Meanwhile they is noting like Pet Advance insurance fee or a refund,its just a way to get money from your victims.

This money is always paid through western union or check deposits.

Pets adoption format

This is a very common pet scam formats yahoo boy uses,Here you advertise your pets online,either in Craigslist websites or social Media sites,

telling the publics that you want to give out your babies (puppies/pets) for adoptions,reasons is that you can no longer care for them in terms of feeding and medication,you are traveling out the country for some long business purpose or that you are relocating to another apartment that doesn’t allow pets.

The advertising/post should be made in a way not to look as if you are selling it,by this many family who are in need of pets/puppies will message you about this issue. send them video or pictures of the pets,you can easily get them online or snap your neighbors own and send,ask them for delivery fees,it maybe $200 or less so it won’t look like a scam,immediately you received the first payment request for Pet Advance insurance fee and promise them it will be refunded to them immediately its delivered.

Example of Email messages

hello as for the comment you dropped about my puppies post,am looking for a home that can take away the dogs since my new apartments doesn’t allow any kind of pets,I never Wanted to sell out this my “babies” and could ask if you can adopt the two? all you needed to Pay is delivery fees of $300,I have already sent you some of the recent pictures and video of the pets.

Second method


my name is Paul Weber i am 18 years old,i am staying with my

grandmother of 75years in london who has numerous puppies around her,The purpose

of writing this to you is that i will like you to adopt one of my

grandma’s puppies because i will be resuming a college in germany next month

and i would not be able to take good care of them due to my

resumption,Besides my grandmother is also old and i dont want those puppies to

give her lots of stress any longer.

If you are really interested all what will cost you is just only

$350-$450 for the shipping depending on where you are located.

Hope to hear from you soon so that i will provide you all the pictures

and details of the puppy


How to be successful in pet scam format.

Here you have to make your works looks legit to avoid doubt and suspicious,get a well documented fake documents of the pets,beautiful pictures of the pets,live videos of you feeding and playing with the pets,you can easily find this on Instagram,just search for the #tag #Dogs #dogofinstagram.

Using a USA phone number is recommended for contacting your clients and your target should be old couples from developed countries like USA,UK,Canada e.t.c.

You can easily find clients in online market places like Craigslist or social Media sites Instagram and Facebook.

How to identify a pet scam

  • Advance fee payments:
    Here the scammer will ask you to pay some certain amount of money,this money may be listed as insurance fee and delivery fee,they always promise to she to your doorstep.
  • Means of contact:
    many of this pets scammers Use a free Gmail, Yahoo, or similar address, some may even advertise the pet in social media or Craigslist sites, some also send direct messages to your email, in case you see this message kindly ignore or even trash it.
  • Payment methods : pet scammers usually uses Western Union,moneygram as the means of payment some may even introduce Bitcoin to you and asked you to use that,you can’t see a pet scammer that will ask you to do direct deposit or so. also during filling of the western union payment form,you will be asked to lie that you are sending the money to your family
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