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Yahoo birthday format – collect birthday gift from clients

When you see this headline topic “yahoo birthday format ” what comes to your mind ?. Don’t we surprise because we have lots of yahoo format. Our aim here is to show you different tricks and tips on how you can bill and collect money from your clients.

Birthday is a great celebration in everyone’s life and its always once in a year. So using this “yahoo birthday format” is another great way to collect gifts from your clients.

If you have been dating in real life especially in Africa you will notice that girls love gift and expects gifts from their boyfriend during birthday, she will keep reminding you her birthday,with this constant reminder,you should know what to do (provide her gift for birthday”.
Same strategy happens round the world and that is what am going to teach you here.

You will be learning birthday billing formats,how to compose birthday bill format and send to your clients.

Who ,how and when to use birthday yahoo format

Before using this birthday format they are certain things you need to consider and avoid some mistakes,if not you will not cash out,also they are signs you must see in your clients first,when you see this signs the you can proceed to use this birthday billing formats.

It must be a dating client.

One of the things to consider is the kind of relationship you have with your client,for this birthday format,it must be used on only your dating client (online lover). You cant expert a total stranger or someone you don’t have mutual relationship with to send you birthday gift. Na juju you want use ?

It should be A rich client

“Na person when get Na him they give another person” truth is that many white clients are not rich,lots of them are Dam broke,and you don’t expect them to start sending you birthday gifts,you are the one to give them self.

The client must love you first.

I always tell my students/boys, do not bill your dating client immediately,make sure she love you first,make sure she cant do without you,once you have build love with her then you can go on and bill her. Same thing happens in yahoo birthday billings format,for a client to send you birthday gifts,they must be love first in the picture.

Payment method for birthday billing format

Gift card

One of the ways to collect money from your clients during birthday is through gift card. When i say gift cards i mean : ITunes card, Amazon card, Google play card,EBay card, e.t.c.


If your client knows about bitcoin then its one of the best way to collect money them, it is also important to tech your clients what is bitcoin,how to buy bitcoin,and how to transfer bitcoin from one wallet to another.

Physical gifts

This also requires physical address and involves picker, the gift can be iPhone,laptop, gold jewellery e.t.c, anything that is expensive and small in size.

Sample Birthday Billing – you can copy and paste

Maria, I just wanted to let you know that my birthday is coming up on the 23rd of December. I will be celebrating it because it’s been a tough year for me, and I am so excited to mark my birthday this year.

You know getting gifts from you won’t be a bad idea. Haha…

Sample Birthday Billing – you can copy and paste

This format is for a girl to a man – i.e., using a female profile for work.

Hey, darl, you might have probably forgotten, but my birthday is coming up on the 24th of December. I am so excited about the date, and I would love you to surprise me with something that will put a smile on my face.

Maybe a Tesla, haha, don’t mind me, babe, I will sincerely appreciate anything that comes with love from your heart. I love you so much and hope to be in your arms soon enough.

Once the send him this format then wait for a reply.. Remember to keep on reminding him about your birthday date and also to get you a gift.

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