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Yahoo military dating format and billing

This latest yahoo military billing format is one of the best way to defraud the whites especially American and Asia women.

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Reason is that this guys loves the good work of their soldiers (military) and are ready to sacrifice everything for them including sending them money and other materialistic things.

Before i continue let me show you how one of my students used this military format to cash out $1000 twice. Mike by name was just 18yrs old from my hood under me, he tried other formats like celebrity, FBI , business man, investor , lotto .e.t.c non of them worked out, till he tried this military format , he was able to easily cashout big amount from one client under two months, so just sit up and read through as am about to show you the wayπŸ™‹

Your work is to make the client (man/woman) believe that you are truly a military persona. How could you do that? First you have to know many things about military orientations,:

  • Military lifestyle
  • Military professional language
  • Military training/sports
  • Military relationship with the government

With this you can be updating her your daily activities.

Also one thing about this format is that you can easily remove the issue of phone calls and also video call , once in a while you can just copy some military war video or their lifestyle from Instagram or YouTube and send to him/her

Why should you used military scam format as a yahoo boy?

See advantages below

  • You can easily find military tools like pictures, videos and documents online
  • You can easily bypass the issues of client disturbing to call you on phone or video call.
  • You can receive money from your client anywhere in the world no need for picker.
  • The work will put lots of emotional taught in the heart of your client.

steps on how to use military yahoo format + $$ billing format

first open Instagram/facebook account

If you dont have one download here or facebook here and register ,search for military pages with #tag #millitary #army #usarmy #soldiers , you will see lots of military officials , click on them and look for real ones , note that many of them are scammers (yahoo boys) go for the once with lots of pictures and live videos , copy all his picture/video . this should be your working pictures

Then go and Edit your profile with the pictures you just downloaded , make sure to use nice captions and popular #tag.

Get a USA ,Canada or UK phone number

This number will be use for your working WhatsApp, if you dont have any of the foreign number i can get it for you, cost is 10k.

With this number it will help you convincing your clients that you are truly a USA/Canada citizen as we all know you can only be issued phone number if you are a citizen. so if you want me to get USA , Canada or UK number for WhatsApp for you click here to message me on WhatsApp

If you have gotten foreign number already congratulations you can now start giving out your numbers to client .


if you don’t know any site yet, you can as well use Instagram or Facebook, search for popular pages/post you will see lots of interactions in the comment section, your target should be those old aged women, if you are on Facebook don’t add any of them yet to avoid your account being blocked, just like and reply their comment many of them will check your profile and add you.

If you are on Instagram, follow the targeted once (old women) send them messages, like their pictures and wait for them to reply.

you can also bomb this dating sites to use yahoo military dating format




















Topface.com Badoo.com Cheatinghousewife.com



Move the client to your WhatsApp:

This is where many newbie yahoo boys always get things wrong.Listen don’t chat much on those dating site with your clients for long,be it Instagram or Facebookreason is that if your account is blocked ,you will lose the client and all her information.If you don’t have usa number for whatsapp you can still use hangout,but the truth is that if you use usa whatsapp number it will make you look credible at least.

Then from here you can start trowing her this format am going to give you.



Good day to you, how was your day?

I’m 52 live in NY, .. Have been in the

US army about 20years now..usaf

I’m one of the squad of infantry soldiers dedicated to protecting our

great nation.. We are sent to shithole countries like Iraq and

Afghanistan to disrupt or destroy an enemy that has extreme hatred for

us simply because we represent the American flag. We might not all

believe in the reasons that we are here in the Middle East but I

guarantee that those soldiers will fight, if necessary, just for their

fellow soldiers. That is why I love my job! We are true Americans, not

the greedy and selfish Americans we are mistaken for on a daily basis

in the Middle East. I love my country and see no better way to serve

it than how I am currently.”

I can’t paste the whole massage content here for security reasons . so click below to download the full note πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


“Note : this client may wants to confirmed that you are real by trying to call you or do video call . always remind them that you ain’t allowed to take calls here and the network signal is bad “.


Its not that hard to use this format , meaning that if you are new to the game you can still cash out,


i recently shared many dating sites you can bomb to see rich clients, use any of them, i will recommend facebook, Instagram and pof websites


try and create account in those Dating sites, fill out all the information, use a beautiful and clear pictures in your profile, make it look real.


now start bombing client,send them message,follow them.

start short conversation with her , if her response is pleasant ask her for whatsapp number or hangout, move her to your USA WhatsApp/HANGOUT

Continue your chating with her, make her fall in love, let her feel special chating with you.

Always tell her you love her.

Don’t bill her yet till a month or two, then tell her you could like to leave the camp to visit her but you have to pay fine but you don’t have enough now . you can also use Itunes gift card format to bill her.

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