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Yahoo employment format – use fake jobs and visa to cash out

Job and employment scam format is what i will be treating today, how you can use Yahoo employment scam format – use fake jobs and visa to cash out. This trick is out long age but not everyone knows about it.

So am about to reveal it to you.

What is this job and employment scam all about

Jobs and employment scams trick you into handing over your money by offering you a ‘guaranteed’ way to make fast money or a high-paying job for little effort.

So here you are the scammer and your work is cash out from clients seeking for jobs.

How employment scam is done

We have two types of ways to use this scamming method:

  • Advertising.
  • Individual contacting.


when trying to scam with employment format you have to advertise that you own a business or company that urgently needs fresh or replacement workers.

This advert may be paid or free, you can use some many websites that offer jobs vacancies to the general public and place your own advert.

Check this example below.

Example of yahoo employment advert

This is a paid advertising website where you can pay and your job vacancies will be shown to millions of persons worldwide, here the person is looking for both English and French speaking persons, skilled and experienced worker.

He also promise to help you in migration to Canada .

This is the same method you will be using in this Yahoo employment scam format. And also list down some benefits of working with you in canada.


Benefits of working with us in canada
  • Experienced immigration professionals will help you with canadian visa application process.
  • Minimum wage of $50 every 24hrs of your work, with free launch.
  • Team of legal and professional experts dedicated to helping people obtain immigration visa to Canada
  • Advice on how to increase your points in order to be eligible for permanent residency visa.

As you can see the above benefits is watery and many persons will like to check in and after each persons fills its own details, you will receive it in your email address and follow the next steps.

If any one click on the post, applied for the job. He fill a web form which will contain his details and information. With this details you can get his email address or WhatsApp phone number to continue you Second format, if you wish you can put option for credit card information entry

Another method is

Direct messaging

with this Yahoo employment scam format method,you don’t need paid advertising, just look for software that will generate active emails for you and the software can send thousands of mail once (bulk email sender) or you can use WhatsApp sender pro software, this software can generate many active WhatsApp numbers and you can also send your offers to the numbers at once.

Other method for direct client messaging are Facebook, Instagram and twitter you can also try some dating sites.

you have to open Facebook page (not Facebook account) give it a name related to jobs and visa e.g work in Dubai , jobs in Canada. Make the page active by posting fake jobs and free visas in it and also share it to other Facebook pages especially foreign pages so that other persons can see and follow the pages.

Also see Best way to scam on facebook without getting banned

If you want massive interactive you can run Facebook advertisement for a token and many persons will see your job and visa page.

Click here to see example of employment scam

Keep on posting about jobs offers in the page and also share it, many persons will message you about the job and ask how to go about it.

Example of employment scam

Also use WhatsApp and mailer sender software.

This WhatsApp software can generate numbers of WhatsApp users , any country and you can also use it to send spam messages and your jobs offer including the links. Same also as bulk mailer , it can be use to send messages to millions of persons into their mail inbox.

Your first mail or WhatsApp messages will be like:
Post this picture with the writeup
Supermarket and security jobs in canada

Overwaitea Food Group supermarket

is in needs of full time workers to join our sales and cleaning department, any educational level is accepted Workers are wanted worldwide in our different branches.

You must be willing to work accordingly as your responsibilities will include:

  • Sales of food and drinks – salesgirl
  • Cleaning of supermarkets – cleaners
  • Arrangement of shops – cleaners
  • works according to order – all workers
  • Account recording – cashier
  • Maintaining the delivery truck – driver
Available positions are:
  • Cashier
  • Salesman
  • Salesgirl
  • Customer care
  • Store keeper
  • Cleaner
  • Driver

You don’t have canada visa and passport ? Don’t worry our team will help you to process everything.

Bonus offers includes :
  • Free accommodation.
  • Free feeding.
  • Free taxation.

Interested persons should send cv to below email address or WhatsApp phone number.

After sending this wait for reply , always check your WhatsApp or mail inbox. If you are using WhatsApp make sure you use foreign number for the WhatsApp so it could look real ( Uk , Canada or Usa Number)

With this advertising method i shared earlier and direct messaging ( email, Facebook or WhatsApp)

Many persons will message you for the job, now its time to use the second Yahoo employment format – use fake jobs and visa to cash out.

Send this below message to them

Dear XXX,

We have received your inquiry regarding employment opportunities. After reviewing your resume and cover letter, It seems that you could be a very good match for a Administrative Assistant we have vacant. Please take some time to review our offer.

You’ll find information about your prospective salary, the benefits we offer and the terms and conditions of your employment with HIT Limited.


HIT Limited is offering a part time position for you as “Administrative Assistant”.

Working hours.

This is a part time position requiring approximately 10-12 hours per week. Your regular weekly schedule will be from Monday to Thursday.

Compensation and Salary.

For Administrative Assistant position, HIT Limited is offering a salary of 2500 USD per month. You will be paid on a monthly basis.


As part of your compensation, HIT Limited is also offering a fixed bonus of 5 percent of the amount of each processed order.


As an employee of HIT Limited you will be eligible for a list of benefits our company offers, such as:

– Private health and dental insurance plan

– Four weeks of paid vacation leave per year

– Flexible work hours

– Work from home options

– Educational assistance

– Employee will also be eligible for any additional employee benefits that the company may provide in the future

That being said, I would like to ask you to fill our formal job application for Administrative Assistant position. Please fill the application form following this link – https://chaingamble.io/application-form/

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

I look forward to reviewing your application!

Sincerely yours,

Flora Combs

Human Resources Manager

Remeber to send him/her the agreement document file.

click to download Agreement form

After receiving the agreement document , he will fill up his information and resend it back to you. Now its time to send him a congratulations message that the company have hired him for the job. Remember this persons are not from Canada and will be needing Canadian visa and flight tickets to come over so its time to hand him over to visa agent.. Use another email or WhatsApp number and be acting as the visa agent.


Greeting of the Day!!!

With reference to your Application and acknowledgement of offer, we are eager to inform you that your profile has been selected in our organization and we are enclosing your offer letter herewith.

We have forwarded your Visa Application request to Indian Documentation & Immigration Agency. They will contact you soon and will assist you regarding documentation & Visa processing.

Note: You do not need to pay anything for visa or Air Ticket. However, English language proficiency Test (IELTS ) charges would be your responsibility and charges spent during immigration or documentation would be reimbursed upon your joining. We request you to have payment invoice for disbursement.

We would like to clarify that your sponsorship letter would be shared to you after test confirmation.

Please send a signed copy of offer letter as a token of acceptance.

We are looking forward you to work with SG Pty Ltd.

Now its time to start acting as visa agent , use another number or email to message him, tell him you were sent by the Canadian supermarket to process his visa and flight ticket . its now this period you will bill him. Remember the visa supposed to be free but the company did not send the payment so the applicant will be paying for the visa and flight ticket.

You can bill him $1500 for everything.. Payment method to use must be western union or bitcoin.


Hope you are doing well !!!

We would like to inform you that we have not received signed copy of Visa form, IELTS Form and Candidate information file. We request you please send details along with payment in order to complete the formalities on time. You may call us in case you need any clarification.

We thank you in advance for giving an opportunity to serve you.

Warm Regards,

Bat Check Associates

Documentation Agency- Bar Council Reg- MP/ 3135/2019

Address: Legal Wing 33/12, District Court, Snehlataganj, Indore, MP- 452007

Email ID: [email protected], Contact No.: +91 98115 56919



Chhavi | +91 [protected]

Sneha | +91 [protected]

Nidhi | +91 [protected]

yahoo employment format and visa scam conclusion.

Please this format is technical don’t use it if you don’t have sense or convincing spirit. You have to be sounding as a real employer, this is not dating or love scam that you will be petting or begging client.

In case you have any question drop your comments i will reply you.

follow this link to download latest formats downnload here

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