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Yahoo dating formats – Download online romance scam pdf

Internet Dating and Romance Scams Involves two or more parties whereby The scammer (yahoo boy) and the victim (Client) meets online or often through Internet dating or employment sites.
In this Yahoo dating formats you make the client fall in love with you and trust then billed her for payment.

Tools needed for Yahoo dating formats

  • Dating sites/social media
  • This is where you will meet your clients/victims, follow them up and start a conversation with them. Without dating site or social media you can’t meet any client since everything is done online,i have listed best sites you can see a better clients below.

    Best sites for yahoo dating:

    Senior FriendFinder
    Victoriamilan . com
    XXXDating . com international Mobile
    AsiaFriendFinder. com
    Asianbeauties. com
    B international
    Blendr App
    eHarmony Black dating
    Fling . com
    G UK
    Gleeden. com
    Harmony-dating. com
    Hornymatches . com
    HowAboutWe. com
    M international
    Parentsfindlove Mobile
    Senior FriendFinder

    Note that most of this sites are paid so don’t be surprise when you see it.

  • Pictures and videos
  • This is another important tool needed for yahoo dating format, your pictures represents who you are and also videos proves that you are real.
    Before you start creating dating account for yahoo make sure you already have your working pictures and videos down, i recommend like 50 pictures at least and like 10 different videos of different locations.
    With this available you can be posting everyday and your profile will look real.

  • Usa phone number
  • For you to be successful in yahoo dating format you must have usa phone number, this number can be use for calls, opening WhatsApp, sending of voice notes and registration of dating sites.
    Reasons for using USA or any foreign phone number is that, you have to move your Clients to WhatsApp anytime you catch them on dating sites, do not leave your clients on those dating sites for long, because your account maybe blocked any moment.
    Some are already using hangout but its already casted , if you mention hangout to clients now they will understand that you are a scam.
    So get a USA or any foreign phone number,use it to open WhatsApp, in case you need Click here to message me, my rates are cheap.

    Message me on WhatsApp

  • Paid Vpn/Rdp
  • This tools (vpn and rdp) works as a location hider,its works is to hide your current location and prevents your device ip from blocking,
    Many of this dating sites is meant for developed countries like USA,Canada, UK, e.t.c so to access this sites use a strong paid vpn.

    Best vpn to use

    Nord vpn
    Ip vanish vpn
    Hma vpn
    Express vpn
    Pia Vpn

    You already have this tools listed above? If yes then you are good to go.
    First go to any of those dating or social media sites,create new account and setup your profile,if you still have old account that one is better just edit the profile and move on,remember to put on your vpn,connect to any country you want.

    for the case of those who are not able to afford paid dating sites,just open Facebook and Instagram account which is free to use. For Instagram user,make sure your profile looks real like the one above,you can read more about how to get clients on Instagram.

    And if you are using Facebook,try get an old account,edit it to your taste, make it look real before adding anybody. To bomb clients on Facebook you have to join many Facebook group”search for american names” join and also follow some foreign pages, check their comments,like it or reply,after that send them Friend request.

    Like me i always use female account because it can easily go viral and attracts more white men.
    Check out my conversation with on of my Client that paid me $2000 recently.

    Conversation 1:

    Scammer: How re you today?
    American: I’m doing well. You are SUCH a pretty woman!
    Scammer: Where did we meet — on African Singles or Single Me?
    American: Dreammates, maybe?
    Scammer: How’re you doing?
    American: I’m doing fine…………..are you in Hawaii?
    Scammer: Nope get hooked up with little problem here
    American: “Hooked up with a little problem?” Explain, please

    Scammer: You care to know? I don’t think you can help me out of this mess.
    American: Well……….tell me and we will see.
    Scammer: My dad he’s from us and my mum is from Spain. So I’m a honest lady. And I’m trustworthy lady. And I don’t like
    people cheating. Right now I’m in West Africa. There was a guy that I met when I’m still at home in Florida (two month ago) so
    the guy told me that he love me. And I told him that I love him too. So he traveled to West Africa. He called me and chat with me
    on the phone. He really felt in love with me. So he said I should come and visit him in the hotel. So I went down to West Africa, to
    the hotel and we meet each other in person. But I don’t really know that the guy doesn’t love me. We have fun and know much
    more about each other together in the same room. And the next day I can’t find this guy any more he ran away with all my money
    and my goods. All I need now…
    American: All you need now?
    Scammer: Your help. If you can help me to raise fund and I will pay you back when I get back to the States.
    American: How much do you need?
    Scammer: $500 US dollars.
    American: Don’t you have a credit card?
    Scammer: Yes that [swear word] stole everything away from me.
    American: Which credit card is it?
    Scammer: American Express.
    American: Did you call them to let them know?
    Scammer: Yes, I did and there is nothing they can do about it.
    American: Not true.
    Scammer: Please help me out of this mess and I will pay you back. If you don’t believe me then bye.
    American: For someone who seems to need help, you have very short patience, why is that?
    Scammer: Oh, patience? Is that all you have to tell me when I am stuck here?
    American: No, but I would like you to explain what you did to extricate yourself from your situation first. You might have some
    Scammer: What option? Please tell me.
    American: Is Amex your only credit card?
    Scammer: Yes.
    American: Can you not get a hold of your father?
    Scammer: I have no family. They all died in a plane crash on their way back from UK.
    American: Did you have a round trip or one-way ticket?
    Scammer: The manager seized my ticket because I am owing the hotel bill
    American: Which airline did you fly on?
    Scammer: British Airways
    American: Which country are you in?
    Scammer: West Africa
    American: Which airport will you need to fly out from, and where do you need to go?
    Scammer: I will come back to the States as soon as the manager gets the money paid. Without that I am going nowhere.
    American: How much do you owe?
    Scammer: $500
    American: Which hotel are you staying at?
    Scammer: Masacca hotel
    American: What is the name on your passport? Are you an American citizen?
    Scammer: V.D. Yes I am.
    Scammer: My father is from America.
    American: Have you called the American Consulate?
    Scammer: The one here told me that the manager said I will have to pay the bill before he can release my ticket and after that
    they can do any other help for me.
    American: You are being held against your will?
    Scammer: But why asking all this question? All I want from you is just that you help me out of here and I will pay you back when
    I get back to the States. Are you willing to help me?
    American: I am, but you must give me reason to believe that this is not just another scam as well.
    Scammer: Ok what will I do for you to believe me?
    American: How do I know you’re not the guy that ditched you and are using her id?

    Scammer: The hotel manager’s name is Mr. Solomon
    American: Is West Africa the name of the country you are in?
    Scammer: No. Nigeria.
    American: Are you sure about the name of the hotel? I don’t see it listed anywhere.
    Scammer: I think you can’t see it in the USA
    American: V., I need to take care of something. I will have to return. I have an emergency here. My son called me on his cell.
    He has been involved in a car accident.
    Conversation 2:
    Scammer. And how are we going to meet?
    American: It’ll be in March but I can fly you here if you can’t pay your way.
    Scammer: When?
    American: Mid march
    Scammer: Ok
    American: Have you ever rode in a big truck around America?
    Scammer: No
    American: You wanna?
    Scammer: If you want me.
    American: Ok cool! Then we can do all sorts of things then!! If you have an open mind it can be a ton of fun on the road!
    Scammer: Like what?
    American: You’ll get to see things that you’ve never seen before. It’s like having a tour of the United States. And I’ll be your
    personal tour guide!
    Scammer: Ok, but I think you should have let me come and see your lovely face before ending of this month. Why March?
    American: I have to get settled in Nashville first so I have a place for you to come to.
    Scammer: See, when I love you I love you for real.
    American: Plus that’s when I know I’ll have the money to pay for your ticket over here.
    Scammer: I will be sleeping in where you sleep….
    American: You’re so sweet!
    Scammer: And if you don’t mind we will go to Ohio to my dad’s house.
    American: We could do that.
    Scammer: Thanks. So if you wish I come, send the money trough Western Union so I will pay for the ticket.
    American: Can’t I pay for the ticket form over here?
    Scammer: Yes, I do agree and that could have been the best, but Nigeria government says it does not improve their economy
    system so they have banned any imported ticked buying in other countries.
    American: [expletive] that [expletive]! Ok, I’ll find out how much that’ll cost me.
    Scammer: Can you imagine this Nigeria? That’s is why I hate them. The ticket is $1200. You will send it trough Western Union.
    Then I will go and collect and pay the ticket.
    American: I’m sending the $1200 to a bank?
    Scammer: Yes. Let me ask you a question. Because I need true love. If you know that you really love me and you want to
    marry me then send the money. I will come and see you, but if you don’t love me and you never want to marry me please, I don’t
    want to see your money and don’t send any. Please, I need true love.
    American: I printed your pictures off of the dating site and I look at them everyday. I hope you don’t mind.
    Scammer: Let me tell you, if you will see me from morning ’til night when I come you will. And if you will talk for hundreds hours
    I will with you, Honey. I love you because I have a strong believe that you are a trust worthy man and man that will be a father of
    my children.
    American: The men are going to see this drop dead gorgeous dirty blonde haired, blue eyed girl walking through the airport and
    they are going to just fall out at the sight of you!!
    Scammer: And nothing they would do because I belong to you C.
    American: I cant believe my luck!! Is these pictures really you?? My God I would be the happiest man walking!!!!!!
    Scammer: I love you honey and I will always love you since you continue treating me well
    American: Is the girl in these pictures really you?! I just can’t get over your beauty!!!! I can’t believe my luck!!!!!!!
    Scammer: C., would you send the money this week so I may buy ticket
    American: Aww babe, I don’t have the money yet. I will get it, though. Don’t you worry your pretty lil head, hun.

    This is how I billed her $2000 for both hotel fee and flight ticked money.

    you can billed your client in different ways in this yahoo dating format, many ways to collect money, in case you are finding it difficult just read check different Billing formats here

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