This Yahoo blackmailing format works perfectly for dating clients, if your dating client is rich and doesn’t want to pay you after billing him. Here all you need to do is get his nu*de ,you can get these during naughty and dirty chats with him.

But before you do this make sure you know a few or more things about the client,like the office she works in, location.

After billing the client and he refuses to pay you, then send him this blackmailing format :

Hey I am posting your nak*ed pictures on social media and facebook just to let the whole world read and article about you especially your loved ones and am not just posting it am sending copies of it to your area I’m very sure you won’t want this kind of way of life so if you are ready we can talk this out…

I’m going to cut the chase. I know you cheated on your wife, more importantly, you know I have evidence of the infidelity. You don’t know me personally and nobody hired me to look into you nor did I go out looking to burn you. It is your bad luck that stumbled across your misadventures while working a job, I then put in more time than I probably should have look into your life., I’m ready to forget all about you and let you get on with your life and I am going to give you two options that will accomplish that very thing. Those two options are: either you ignore this letter or to pay me $700. Let us examine those two options in more details.

Option 1 is to ignore this letter and here is what will happen if you choose this path, I will take this evidence and send to your family, because I got all the details I needed about them and some couple of friends and as insurance against you.. intercepting it before your family or friends gets it, I will also send copies to your friends and families. So, Eric Jones and even if you decide to come clean with your wife about your cheating doing so won’t protect you from the humiliation you will feel when your friends and families find out the sordid details from me. Ignoring this letter would result in your family and the people closest to you finding out about your adultery.

At this point, you may be thinking “This is blackmail! I’ll just go to the corps” Yes, this is blackmail. And yes, blackmail is illegal and I will likely do some jail term if caught which is why I have taken steps to ensure this letter cannot be traced back to me. So going to the cops won’t stop the evidence from being sent out and would destroy your life the same as Option 1. I’m not looking to break your bank. I just want to be compensated for the time I put in investigating you. $700 will close the books on that.

Let’s assume you have decided to make all this go away and you will pay me in keeping with my strategy to not going to jail for blackmail, we will not meet in person and there will be no physical exchange of cash. You will pay me anonymously using iTunes gift card if you want me to destroy the evidence and leave you alone forever, then send me $700 iTunes gift card (denomination: 100 X 7). Have a good life…

You can also collect your payment through bitcoin and usdt.

That’s all about blackmailing format for yahoo.

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