I guess you opened this post to learn about bitcoin yahoo scam updates Well you are in the right place, I do teach people what I practice and in today’s post I will be talking about Yahoo Bitcoin investment format scam – latest update.

Many persons are looking for how to make money online,it might be legal or illegal the choice is yours.

What is bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency which operates free of any central control or the oversight of banks or governments. It is a decentralised digital currency that can be transferred on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network.

Bitcoin yahoo format has been existing for long especially, the bitcoin investment updates, though many people don’t know about it that you can actually run bitcoin yahoo to your clients and the general public.

What is bitcoin investment scam format

Bitcoin investment scam format is same almost same thing like Forex broker scam, where by you creates a bitcoin mining and investment website, invites the general public or your clients to invest and once they deposit the bitcoin it goes directly to your personal wallet.

Bitcoin might be popular to you but not every knows much about the coin, so your duties are to explain to them how to use and make money with Bitcoin investment program.

Now is not time for begging clients for iTunes card or cheap cheap money, bitcoin investment format can gives you lots of dollar weekly.

How to start Bitcoin investment scam format

Create a bitcoin investment/mining website

This is one and most important tools you need if you are ready to start Bitcoin investment scam format. The website is where your victims will see and learn everything about bitcoin investment and then invest.

The bitcoin investment website should have:

  • Account/profile creation
  • Deposit/withdrawal
  • Testimonial videos/pictures
  • Bitcoin mining charts
  • Explanation of bitcoin
  • Certificate and documents of your mining company.

  • The bitcoin investment website should allow visitors to create profile account with Thier details like email address,full name, username, date of birth,wallet address e.t.c with this they can login the dashboard.

    Make means of deposit available in the website, since the Website is for bitcoin investment,the users should be able to deposit bitcoin in the wallet provided and also withdrawal method button should be enabled.

    Testimonies videos and pictures will displaying in the website will easily convinced any stubborn client and he or she will invest without have any doubts of scam.

    The website will contain blog post about bitcoin,bitcoin mining and the benefits, so anyone who enters the website and read what bitcoin it’s all about.

    A proper bitcoin mining website always displays a mining chart view like that of Forex,it should be reading up and down.

    Get a Foreign phone number

    Any any online job you are doing as a hustler you need a foreign number for it, get a USA, Canada, UK or Ireland phone number to be using for your work,this number will be displayed in your website contact pages. The foreign number should be able to work on WhatsApp, telegram,text messaging and calls,some clients may wants to contact you before investing in your website.

    Create a video testimonials

    You need to prove beyond doubts that your bitcoin mining website is legit and to do so you need a catch well constructed video testimonials of White men and women talking about your company/website,how you have helped them to make money after investing.

    Create online profiles

    Make your bitcoin investment website looks like a big and legit brand, create pages and account on all the popular social media websites,use the website name when creating the account. This handles and account should also be in your website footer so that persons can be able to reach you on social media.

    Investment/mining packages

    On your website you need to create different investment packages, from low to high amounts, the higher the investment,the higher amount the higher the investment returns.

    Now that you have successfully setup your bitcoin mining/investment website it’s time to invite clients/investors to invest on your company.

    Note that the purpose of this yahoo bitcoin investment format is to collect money from clients and investors, when they invest bitcoin,it goes directly to your personal wallet address.

    How to get clients/investors to invest in bitcoin.

    They few ways you can full crowd to your investment website,both the old methods and the new methods:

    Social media

    using social media to get clients is one of the oldest and cheapest ways to get clients,it’s absolutely free,just your time and skills are needed, some of the social media are Facebook, Instagram, telegram, twitter, LinkedIn e.tc.

    Using Facebook to get clients for investment,you need to open free account (foreign account) make sure the account profile looks legit with different post and pictures. Update your timeline with bitcoin chat posts,bitcoin investments plan, bitcoin daily news and rich lifestyles. Search for popular pages make comments about bitcoin and includes your website link. This same method can also be used for Instagram.

    Using Twitter to get clients for investment you need to be smart so you are not caught, in your profile always post daily signals and bitcoin news include your website link and also use the current trend of hash tags ##.

    Paid traffic advertising

    you can get clients to invest on bitcoin through paid adverts, with as low as $10 you can pull upto 5k persons to your website, out of this people, four or five persons will surely invest that day, now let’s say each person invests minimum of $500, tomorrow another 5 persons invest to,that’s a huge amount of money.

    Paid traffic is cheap and less stressful,you don’t need to start looking for clients or sending them message,just setup your advert plan and budget then Facebook or any platform you are using will do the rest.

    This method what am using currently, the sweet part of it is that you can just sleep and wake, check your wallet, 3 persons have invested.

    Website promotion

    this is also like company/brand promotion, in this type you pay top bloggers to help you write and promote your website in their blogs. This method is very good because most investors could like to make research about your company before investing,and when they check reviews online and see lots of blogs talking positively about it .

    Website promotion is valid and expensive, but everything you are spending will surely come back to you.

    You might be wondering how to get bitcoin investment website of your own and start this update, well I can develop a well structure bitcoin mining and investment website for you,teach you how to use it personally ,this will cost you $300, this includes:

  • Fully developed bitcoin mining/investment website
  • Foreign number of your choice
  • Facebook page with thousands of followers to pull in clients
  • Video testimonials for the website.
  • And 247 mentorship.
  • You can contact me now.

    If you have any questions kindly drop your comments.

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