• Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Wechat dating format – how to bomb and use wechat for yahoo

In my previous post about yahoo dating format,i mentioned wechat as one of the best place to get clients for both dating and business format,it is also free unlike some paid dating site.

Wechat is currently a secret place to get lots of your clients because it has not casted yet like Facebook,Instagram and other dating sites.
In this post i will teach you everything you need to know about Wechat dating format – how bomb and use wechat for yahoo,also how to get wechat account,how to bill your client from wechat e.t.c.

what is wechat

WeChat is one of the world’s most popular social media messaging apps, and is similar to WhatsApp. WeChat supports video, voice, and text chat and has unique features like localized translation. To sign up for WeChat, an existing user will need to scan a QR code on your phone.
WeChat is a multi-purpose social media, messaging and payment app developed in China. It’s the largest social media platform in china as a whole.

To use wechat you must download the app to your phone android or iphone.

Advantages of using wechat for yahoo

Surplus availability of clients

Wechat has billions of users both in china and outside the country,if you need plenty clients,wechat is your sure bet,the site have not casted like Facebook and Instagram,many china clients don’t know much about dating scam. Bomb chatting clients on wechat is very easy if you know the scope.

Chinese language availability

Most of wechat users are from china, this means that their local language is Chinese,you will need to translate all your words to china before sending them messages. I listed this as one advantage because with this you don’t need to crack your brain on big English or scared of writing correct English for your client,just write basic English and translate to china.

Fast money billings

This is the part all yahoo boys want,fast money billings,one thing about china clients,you don’t need to chat them up to a month before billing them. Two weeks of chatting them is enough and you will collect big money from them.

How to start yahoo with wechat.

  • 1. In other to start yahoo with we chat,first you need to download wechat application to your phone,it can be Android or iPhone,you can also use your pc (this is what i use).

  • 2. Get an already existing wechat account, you can buy account or you create new one,but if you are creating new one know that an already existing wechat user must scan your new account for you,so if you have no one to scan for you just buy an old we chat account and login.

  • 3. Update your profile: this includes uploading profile pictures,photos of you in your gallery and also change your location to china or any developed company. Make sure you are using a china name and a china person pictures, if not no one will accept your request.
  • Set your location

    In wechat they is options to set location with google map, with this location you can search for people nearby to you. For instance you set your location to China,you will be able to see and message everyone using wechat in china at that particular time, you can set your location to any country and state

    Download google translator.

    In using wechat for china, you need google translator to translate all your English language to native Chinese language,do not speak English to them in your first message, keep on translating all your messages to Chinese.

    Start bombing /Messaging clients

    Now that you have downloaded wechat, gotten verified wechat account,updated your location,setup your profile,its now to start bombing and messaging clients. How can you do that ?
    Click on people nearby in your we chat dash board, when it opens it will show all the wechat users around you currently,now start sending them messages one by one,you have options to choose either male or female or both.
    Your messages will be in Chinese ( use your translator ). Ones you are done messaging those in that location,change to another location and start again.

    Getting a reply in we chat is a must and also instant because they are many clients using wechat.

    Your first message should be :

    Hello dear ( 你好呀)

    Hello (你好)

    once the client Replies you, don’t waste any time to reply back.

    Thanks for accepting my friend request,how doing?.


    I’m from Hong Kong,
    But I was Bron and brought up In United states

    I’m a contract/drilling Engineer.
    I’m the only child of my parents.Single and Searching for something serious

    I’m presently in Gulf of Thailand for a contract but I will back to Hong Kong in 4 weeks time.

    By now the client must have seen some good potentials in you and will be interested to know more about you.

    You can now start your formats, either investment format or dating format

    If you are using dating format, make sure to ask him or her this important questions in yahoo dating format

    How to bill your china client on wehat

    Remember i told you that one of the advantages of having china clients from wehat is the easy billings and payment. Now that your client have loved you up you can now start billing format.

    Use any of this billing format.

    How to receive money from china clients.

    China uses yuan currency, so if you have a Chinese client,look for someone/picker who has a china account for direct deposit or transfer

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