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Nigeria local yahoo scam you can use and make money fast Online

This is money forum, we only talk about ways to make money, so i welcome you to hustlers update.

Are you a Nigerian or African, graduate or not. I think you need money, i mean a lots of Cash.

You may not get it over night but with gradual process you could become a millionaire soon.

So in this post am going to show you some Nigeria local yahoo scam you can use and make money fast.

These sounds nice ? Yes!

First i will explain what i mean by local scam.

This Nigeria local scam are the once operated here in Nigeria, everything are done locally including the operations and payment.

Is this naija scam method risky?

Yes! Some how risky but i will show you how to play safe. You just try to be real and smart.

To succeed in this scamming works,you have to open like 10 different fake Facebook and Instagram account, reason is that when you make a post,you will use other remaining account to share the post and also comment testimony of your works.

Below are different Nigeria local yahoo scam you can use and make money fast.

Fixed match scam.

You all know about fixed match, Fixed Matches are manipulated games.

you can read more on how fixed match scam works here

It Means the outcome is leaked and people are placing certain bets because they know how it ends. That is You have been told that a particular match will end at 2:0 or their about.

This does indeed violate the rules of any legal betting game, and often it violates the law as well.

How to use fixed match scam method in Nigeria.

Open Instagram or Facebook account, use real Nigeria Names and Address,make sure you use a fake picture i.e pictures of another Nigerian.

Add like 500 friends and followers, update your timeline with football betting tips,include paste played games.

You will need the work of Photoshop to edit bookies , even if the games lost you can use Photoshop to edit the games to win and also the dates.

Create a WhatsApp group and name it “fixed match games”

Go to football/game pages make a nice comment and share you link.

some of the caption should be

“Congratulations! All in my VIP team yesterday 738 Bomb odds WON again!

Hereby,we are delivering 100000000% Win sure and guaranteed win of fixed matches in our VIP group!

Enjoy your cash!

King of KINGS!

Todays VIP ticket for VIP group is ready again for max betting And WIN

Inbox here via fb messenger or WhatsApp”.

Always include your WhatsApp link in every of your post so people can join the group. Show them some past played games that won. Promise them 50 odds for 5k, payment before game, after receiving the money block he number and continue with the next person.

Fake native doctor scam.

In this local scam , its all about spiritual and charm work. Don’t worry you won’t encounter the spirit, all the formats and incantation will be fake.

What is native doctor?

People believe that they are witch or spiritual beings whom communicate with the devil him self, and have powers to give out human wants to individuals.

I know you must have seen some post with pictures claiming to be native doctor on facebook, all of them are fake and scam.

How to make money with Fake native doctor scam.

Start updating your account with traditional structures like a red cloth tied round a tree, a bush surrounded with native chalks and some tied animals for sacrifice.

Go to Facebook pages and groups, start dropping your formats, and also include your number below.

Native doctor scam
Native doctor shrine

ORIMOGUNJE TRADITIONAL.MEDICINE Herbal Home & Native Doctor. Office Address No.90.oke moje stree, Atikori, Ijebu Igbo Ogun state. hotline Call +234705483 or whatsapp We attend to people and secure them with our traditional herbal drugs (Root and Leaf ) to heal the best solution on all diseases both in and out of the body in any form.e.g.



Erectile Malfunction,

None Pregnant woman,

Looking husband or Wife

Blood Disease,


Bad Dream,




Business Boom,

Fruit Of The Womb,

Land/Court Case,

Political Appointment,

Win Court Case,

Spiritual Power For Men Of God,

Promotion At Work,

Get Your Love Back,

Secret of Wealth,

Powerful money

And Many More. We’ve help and assist people with our herbs and many of them are testify to that also have mooring both leaf, Seed for total body cleanser for details call @ +234705

Many client will call you, pretend to be an old man from ijebu ( ogun state) . allow the person to explain what he wants like , riches, power, fruit of the womb. After that just tell him what you want.

I have had you, be assured that your problem will be solved as soon as possible. Meanwhile items like male goat, two hen and 2 bitter cola will be needed for the sacrifice. When you are ready just let me know so we can get started.

Try and convince the person that you can provide solution to his problems. As soon as he send you money for the items, tell him you have started the job, after some weeks, request for another money, then block him.

Data Bundle selling scam.

Every average Nigerian is using data daily, and almost every of them is complaining about how costly the monthly subscription is and that the duration is very limited.

So in this data bundle scam, you will posting as a data seller, you Target should be WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, Nairaland and Instagram.

With your fake Facebook account, start posting cheap data bundles for sell, also include your WhatsApp phone number.



*3GB ⇒ ₦1000

*5GB ⇒ ₦1500

*11GB ⇒ ₦5,600*

*15GB ⇒ ₦7,000*

*25GB ⇒ ₦10,500*

*40GB ⇒ ₦15,000*

“`One month validity“`

*60GB ⇒ ₦20,000*

*100GB ⇒ ₦28,600*

“`Two months validity“`

*120GB ⇒ ₦50,000*

*150GB ⇒ ₦72,000*

“`Three months validity“`

*325GB ⇒ ₦95,000*

“`Six months validity“`



After the person pays , use the block button and move on.

E-currency scam.

When we talk about ecurrency we mean Bitcoin, payapl, litcoin, and payonner funds. This are the funds that have the highest value currently.

And lots of persons buys and sells them daily. You too can start making illegal money from it.

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How to start E-currency scam

In this scam method, Your work is to pose as a fund buyer and seller, have like 3000 friends on Facebook, join many WhatsApp groups, always update your page and groups that you buy and sell funds daily. If anyone message you, it should be pay before service.

Loom / ponzi schemes scam.

What do we mean by ponzi schemes ?.

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for early investors by acquiring new investors.

Many ponzi schemes have come and gone in Nigeria. Like MMM, gethelp, NNU and loom e.t.c

You too can start your own ponzi scheme. having a forum website for it is the best but if you can’t, then use WhatsApp, invite many persons to the group and give it a nice name. Promise them double of their money 7 days of payment.

Use different numbers to open WhatsApp, join the group with the numbers, use them to share testimony that you have received yours . then people will start paying.

Sugar mummy scam.

This scamming method don’t pay much again, but you can still try your luck. Your target will be advance male from age 20 to 40 years.

Look for matured beautiful Nigerian ladies and be using they pictures to operate, many young men will want you yo connect them, always take money from them, after that give them your fake number and be chating with them on WhatsApp.

Keep visiting this page i will update many others later.

If you have any problem or want to ask question kindly comment and i will help you.

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