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Mtn Lumos power electricity hack/bypass and use for free


Feb 14, 2022

Mtn has brought a huge darkness relief to Nigerians by bringing Lumos mobile electricity (yellow box). Ever since the existence it has serve as alternative power source. And no doubt many Nigerians have been benefitting from it since it is a prepared device which means you pay what you use.

We have been receiving mail about how to hack and crack (bypass) this mtn lumos mobile electricity and use it for free. The answer/solution is here but before then lets talk more about the lumos box.

More about mtm lumos box.

The lumos generates energy from sunlight through the solar panel and distribute it to every connection attached to it. Its affordable compare to running generator, With as low as #250 you can get 15hrs light per day.

What you find in the mtn lumos solar power system.

  • Two energy saving bulbs
  • Two Car Cigarette Sockets Solar panel
  • 60W DC to AC Converter
  • Two USB ports

Advantage of using Mtn lumos solar power system.

247 power standby

One of the issues Nigerians are facing is lack of electric but with lumos box you can have 24hrs light depending on how you manage it.

Pay as you use.

lumos is not like nepa light that you pay for monthly and use for just one week or two, mtn as made it possible that you pay as you use daily.

With low as #4850 you can subscribe your lumos power and use it for full one month (30 days).

It is very easy to use from the installation to payments method, without much technical no how you can do the installation your self.

Also the lumos is noiseless on like generator that makes noise and spoils easily.

Disadvantages of of using Mtn lumos solar power system.

Continuous payment:

The moment you purchase and instal lumos solar the payments start counting either you use or not you must pay,not as generator that you can decide if to spend on it or not.

You must pay for a minimum of 20 days in a month or it will be taken away from you.

 If you use it even for just one hour in a day,you pay the full daily price.

You can’t pause lumos solar subscription from reading though we already have a way to crack and bypass the payment so you use your lumos solar for free.

Inefficient workload:

Lumos solar has low capacity and can only power 12volts electronics electronics decoders (DSTV, GoTV, Startimes etc),12v LED TV or any LED TV not up to 32 inches, laptop and phones, and you can’t plug all this at once. If you are planing to be powering your fridge or big led tv DON’T buy this mtn lumos.

With small sized TV, it will run out in not more than 2-3 hours in the night,may be better during the day. On days when it rains and heavy cloud with little sunshine,you will have no light, especially if you exhausted it the

previous night.

Appliances you can use with Mtn lumos box.

  • Sound Systems & Home Theater.
  • Light Bulb.
  • Hair Clipper.
  • AC Fan.
  • DC Fan.
  • LED Televisions+decoder.
  • Laptop.
  • Mobile Phone.

Appliances you can not use with MTN lumos box.

  • Air Conditioner.
  • Desktop Computer.
  • Microwave Oven.
  • Celling Fan.
  • Electric Kettle.
  • Plasma TV.
  • Electric Cooker.

Requirements to own mtn lumos.

  • National id card.
  • 2 guarantor.
  • Sum of 20000.

How to buy the mtn lumos box.

Visit any Mtn store, go along with your Mtn sim,valid id card and 2 guarantors, the customer care will give you a form to fill and also take your passport,pay 1time fee and wait for confirmation.

how to recharge your mtn lumos solar.

You can only pay with recharge card so make sure you have enough airtime for the plan you want to subscribe for before sending an sms.

SMS your chosen plan to 317.

E.g. for a 60-day plan, SMS “60”

to 31

Your account will be deducted and confirmation messages will be sent.

How to crack/hack and bypass Mtn lumos power payment and use for free.

This is the part everybody is looking for, after our tech. Experiments and observation we have been able to crack the lumos box and guess what you can use it freely for life after cracking it.

The lumos power hack can be done in two ways:
  • Software crack.
  • Hardware crack.

Watch below video to see one of the lumos box we recently cracked.

Things about a cracked lumos box.
  • You can crack/hack it easily without trace.
  • you can use it freely for life.
  • No damage will be caused during and after the cracking.

How to go about the lumos power crack and bypass.

the cost is $50 and all we will be needing is just your lumos box serial number and Mtn phone number attached to it.

Instructions on what to do will be giving to you and it will take just 30 minutes for everything to be done. Message us on WhatsApp.

follow this link to download latest formats downnload here

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