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You are reading this post probably because you want to make extra money for yourself illegal, this particular post will be showing you how you can use different latest secret bank frauds to do and make money this year. I will disclose the working methods on how scammers steal money from your bank account.

This is also an educational post of which after Reading it you will be able to protect your bank accounts from getting hacked, so in anyway you want it, this post most Favour you,just read and digest everything accordingly.

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We have different types of fraud and bank fraud is one of them same way we also have different bank frauds,in this post I will be explaining three popular ways to do bank fraud, you can then choose which one is more suitable for you. Then you can go ahead and execute.

If you are a newbie in the game you have to learn it bit by bit till you master it.

ways to do bank fraud successfully

Phishing Method

Phishing method of bank frauds is one of the easiest ways to pull out funds from an account, the reason is that you already have the victims bank details or CC info. You might be wondering how that is possible, that is exactly what phishing does.

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Source –>wikipedia

How phishing websites works?

Phishing websites is all about creating a Fake website or cloning a website And it will look exactly like original, example www.firstbanknigeria.com is the original and official website of firstbank now you clone or recreate a website that also looks like this and Name it www.firstbank-nigeria.com that’s a phishing websites.

You gather a list of possible emails and phone numbers

Send bulk information asking them to update their accounts or that their BVN registration is incomplete.

See how to get millions of Email addresses

Once unsuspecting victims log into the fake website that impersonates another organization – most times I prefer an e-commerce site or a banking site, and input their card details.

After that all you need is to use that their credit cards details you already have in your possession check for shopping websites that doesn’t accept mobile otp code and start shopping with it

Remember you can’t transfer the money into your account, its difficult and also risky to try such so I advice you to use it for online purchases.

Card/ATM Skimming

This is also a very simple way to get credit card details without having to go creating a fake website but it requires a special technical skills.

Card skimming has shown that how to do bank fraud can be as easy as anything.

It is one of the ways to do bank fraud which involves copying and capture of magnetic stripe and pin data on credit and debit cards. This type of bank fraud can occur at any compromised EFTPOS machine or any bank ATM.

Once the card details are captured, they are encoded onto a counterfeit card and used to make fraudulent account withdrawals and transactions.

Account Update Fraud

Have you for one say received an sms or call from unknown number and the person claims to be from your bank or your account manager, the message/call format is always that your bank accounts needs updating, your BVN registration is incomplete or your ATM cards have been blocked.

This is just an Account Update Fraudulent.

The steps for this type of fraud are very simple but require your ability to convince people to tell you their details.

Collect Random Numbers

Send them bulk messages with a warning that their account might soon be closed

Ask them to update their information – most likely their BVN.

Put a number they should call

Use several social engineering tactics to collect their account details when they call.

Just make sure that you dispose of any SIM card that used during the course of discussion with your unsuspecting victims. This would avoid you getting tracked down by the law enforcement agent.

fake alert scam

Fake bank alert is a tricky sms text that looks exactly like your bank alert sms, the message notifies you that someone have deposited/transferred money into your account.

It will show the persons name, the amount deposited and also your exact account balance.

You don’t use fake alert sms for someone or business owners around you or your locality, what I mean is that don’t use it for your neighbors or people that know you because if they later find out you will be Traced. So I advice you to use them only from far distance were you are a total stranger or online business.They are some tools you can use to send fake alert Check them here

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