• Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Latest offerup marketplace yahoo scam format

For those of you scammers and yahoo boys who focus on defrauding your fellow country man through Jiji.ng and OLX, please stop it, our main focus and target is the oyibo people,and for this i am going to reveal to you Latest offerup marketplace yahoo scam format you can use in cashing out.

What is offerup

OfferUp is an online mobile-first C2C marketplace with an emphasis on in-person transactions. It was founded as a competitor to Craigslist, differentiating itself with mobile-friendly apps and user profiles with ratings according to wikipedia.

Offerup is like Nigerian OLX and jiji where buyers can display their used goods,new goods/items for sell or exchange.you can create a buyer or seller account in offerup.
This offerup format have not casted,only few persons knows about it.

Tools needed for offerup scam format.

Vpn location hider

To access offerup account outside USA,you will be needed a vpn, you already know what vpn is used for (to hide your location to another) please get yourself a premium paid vpn before going into offerup yahoo scam.

Offerup verified account

Creating of offerup account is verify easy but the hard part is the verification process,you must have real USA phone number before you can verify your offerup account, and without number verification,you can not text or reply messages very well on the app.
So if you don’t have usa number to verify your account you can buy already verified account from me. I also verify offerup account for #5000.

Image of items

Since offerup is an online market place, all you will be doing is to be posting pictures of cars, phones e.t.c (if you are acting as the seller).

If you have all this tools down,then you are good to carry out offerup scam.

In this format we have two categories.
You can pose either as a seller or a Buyer.

Offerup buyer scam format

In this format you will be posing as a buyer.
Open the offer up app and search for cars,phones, and other expensive items. Message the sellers for negotiation,chat like a real person show really wants to buy the items

Billing formats in offerup as a buyer

Once you have message those sellers that you need to buy their items,after negotiations,now is the time to bill them, we have 1 popular ways to bill clients on offerup.

Cheque/check format

In this cheque format,you need a fake cheque and you must know how to move cheque by UPS or any delivery man. Message the seller that you are Ready to buy the item the amount he placed on it, fixed a date for meet up to pay for the items and check it out. On that day do not show up,message him That you are very busy but you will send him check of the amount (lets say the amount is ($2500) add extra $70 to the money in the fake cheque, send it to the seller through ups.

Once the seller receives the cheque and deposited the che in his bank account, message him and cancel the order that you are not buying again, tell him to send you back $2500 and keep the $70 for himself, give him western union details or USA account. If he is filling stubborn,threaten him and he will surely send you the money. And after few days bank will call him that he deposited a fake cheque.

Thing to know about usa Check

Once someone sends you are check, fake or real cheque,once you take it to the bank,the cheque will be cleared immediately and you will withdraw the money. It will that the bank upto 24hrs to know if the check is is fake or not.

Offerup seller scam format

In this format you will be posing like a sell, post many items like house,car , expensive phones e.t.c. make the items to be extremely cheap,in other to make money with this, you most insist on *pay before delivery” or the buyer to send ship / delivery fee through cashapp before he will get it.


With offerup yahoo scam format you can make lots for money both with buyers profile or sellers profile

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