• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Jumia log – how to buy jumia log and make money with it

Update on making money tricks is what we also give out to you guys here, today i brought to you how you can tap in to jumia big market and make a huge amount of cash. For some time now we have been cashing out money through jumia codedly and now we have decided to announce the tricks publicly so you can benefit from it before it cast.

This update is all about jumia log, many guys have been asking me what this jumia log is all about and if it truly exists,well i will answer all that below.

What is jumia log

It is a jumia account logins loaded with amount of money which is ready to be used for jumia payment via ordering/buying items from jumia (this jumia account have been funded with card and you can now login this account,select items,pay with it and it will be shipped to your address without any issues).

As a matter of fact, Any online shop can be spammed so there’s nothing special about jumia log. It’s just like every other website which can spammed, Cracked or hacked.

Jumia log is real and very legit.

How does jumia log works

Get a Jumia log from jumialogs.com or any other legit vendor. Log in to the Jumia website “you don’t need any vpn” since it’s your own country log.

You don’t need any VPN for the logs to work.

✅Add Products You Need To Cart Buy any of the available products you want or need and simply add it to cart as usual.

✅Confirm Your Orders And Choose Location For Delivery

Click on confirm order and change the shipping address of the products to a location closest to you “it’s advisable not use your real house for pick up”

✅Pay From Available Balance In The Jumia Account

After that click ON pay from Jumia balance and proceed to checkout. Your order is confirmed and your goods will be successfully shipped to the address you choose.

✅Confirm Your Order On Jumia By Text Message

A confirmation text will be sent to the phone number you used. So, I’ll advice you to use a new SIM card not registered

How to Spam Jumia Log

There are many ways to spam jumia log. But the popularmethod is through phishing. This means, Creating a fake website exactly like Jumia.

You explore promo strategies in getting clients to login through your fake website. Once this happens, their credentials goes to your database.

If you are Also good in email Hacking, you hack email database for Jumia registered users. With this, you can change password of their logins since you have their email


where to buy jumia log

The best and legit website to buy jumia log is jumialogs.com

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