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How To Start Phone Repair And Selling Of Accessories


Feb 13, 2022

In our previous post. We listed phone / laptop repairs and selling of accessories as one of the best way to make money offline in Nigeria.

No doubt 80% of population in Nigeria are using phone or laptop as means of communication.

We all know how important phone is in our daily life, they is no need listing importance of phone here.

so in is topic I will be showing you how you can start phone/laptop repairs business and selling of their accessories in Nigeria.

I am currently doing this and its fetching me more than 100k monthly after expenses, every details,the dos and dons will be revealed here for you freely.

What is phone repair?

When a Mobile phone is damaged or faulty , the act of bringing it back to its normal/good condition is called phone repair. Many parts of phone and laptop can get spoilt at different or the same time, some parts like charging port, screen, touch pad, mouth piece , earpiece, speaker, or phone fell inside water.

Also the software part where you can flash the phone, upgrade version, remove password and remove frp.

In handset repairs we have both software and hard ware, it is advice able to learn the both and be good in it.

Who can repair an handset or computer.

The people specialize in repairing phones are called phone engineers, this people have undergo a serious training/ study on how phones work, problems of phones and lastly the solution.

How To Start Phone Repair And Selling Of Accessories.

phone repair and accessories training.

First you have to learn everything about phone repair A.Z, 100% practical is the key.

How can you do this? Look for a certified phone engineer around you, who you know is good in the work, ask question about the person, make sure he is not wack one.

Almost every phone repairers do sell accessories too, so you use one stone to kill two birds.

I recommend you register for 8months training and be serious in it. With this i bet you everything could be ok by then.

During your training. Things you should concentrate are:

Phone repairs(hardware)

Phone flashing and unlocking

Selling of accessories.

Better business location.

Busy road

After 8 months or more training, by now you could have been good In this business, next is to look for a better location to open your shop.

I recommend busy communities, school, environment, public bus stop.

Even if you did not see block shop, construct a solid caravan that is transferrable in case you want to change location.

Business Capital.

You may be wondering about how much capital to start this business, as for me i started with just 5k. let me explain.

after i left the training ground, they was no money for me to startup my own shop and also by goods, i ran around yet no help.

What i did!

After few weeks i found a shop and begged the owner that i will be remitting part of shop rent every end of the week, and he agreed.

Then i hard only 5k. I went and bought my soldering iron, soldering past, led, screws, charging ports, mouth piece , extension .

No money yet to buy accessories, so as time goes on, i was able to gather some money for accessories to stock my shop.


Don’t waste any time,immediately you freed try and open your own, because the more time you waste, you will be out of updates about what your learnt.

Even if you don’t have a enough capital, try and borrow little from friends and family member.

Use a beautiful design for signboard

Your signboard/ banner designs and write-ups defines who you are and what you do. make it look so catchy and transparent enough to be noticed from afar.

Stock your shop with accessories

With 200k and above you can stock your shop with phone accessories,for the main time buy only most important things i.e hot products like charger, power bank, earpiece, screen guard, phone case , mp3 players. e.t.c.

You can easily get this items from lagos at alaba or ikeja market at a very cheap price.

Keep visiting this sites for more ideas on how to make money.

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