This topic have been in my mind since and I have decided to dish it out so your protects yourself as a hustler. Doing yahoo is ille*gal and can lead you to jail if caught by efcc or government securities, so in this post I will be showing you How to protect yourself from government and security spying on you.

below are the ways to protect your self from spy

Secure Messaging

The majority of messages received today are conveyed over social media, and some of them are not end-to-end encrypted, making it possible for someone to access your account and steal your information.

Your mails can help protect your data and remain private by being encrypted.

Another technique to stop someone from tracking and/or hacking you is by using a VPN (I use Tunnelbear).

Shut off the cameras

Do you know that someone may access the camera on your device and record everything “it” sees and hears?

Not only for laptops, either. Your smartphones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi-connected gadgets with cameras are as susceptible.

So be sure to cover all of your gadgets’ cameras.

Be a social outcast.

These days, a lot of individuals are dependent on social media.

The unfortunate truth is that anything you post is accessible to everyone (even if you set it to private, determined individuals can still find a method to view it!).

Of all, most people can’t realistically give up social media altogether.

The next best way is to simply avoid posting private information, such as your location or travel plans.

Reduce the number of persons who can access your activities as well. While it won’t deter everyone, it does present an additional challenge.

You need to avoid showing off to the public every time, you don’t know who is who and if someone is watching you.

Remember to stay safe ❤️

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