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How to Prevent your yahoo working Facebook from getting ban

Welcome to hustle-update,today am teaching you How to Prevent your yahoo working facebook from getting ban.

As a full time yahoo boy for years now,from the experiences, the mistakes and lessons i learnt, without taking the steps am going to give you now, your Facebook account will just get banned or disabled instantly.

For the past 3 years now, Facebook have inputed a tight securities to prevent spammers and hackers,this have made it hard for yahoo boys from working on Facebook successful.

In this article i am going to show you the reasons why your account always get banned after creating it and also solution on how to Prevent your yahoo working facebook from getting banned.


The phone or computer you are using is one of the reasons why Facebook bans your account anytime you try creating it. You may be wondering how possible? Now see !!!

for the first time you are creating account with that your phone/laptop , Facebook have marked your device down , including the exact ip,stored contacts, internal storage of your phone and location,so when you keep on creating different account with your same device, a time will come when Facebook will blacklist that phone from further account creation.

Solution to this?

If your phone have been blacklisted i.e you keep on receiving this notification

your Facebook account have been banned or disabled if you have any question concern about this please contact us

All you have to do is get a new device or if you can’t just factory reset your old device or format your laptop, don’t put your formal sim card yet, use another or connect to wifi, try opening a new Facebook account and see if they will block it immediately.

The name and surname you use.

Another reasons why Facebook keeps banning your account is because you are not using a real or an existing name. You make mistake of using two surname or two first name e.g John James ,Robert Joe, joy Linda , this are all Firstname,and if Facebook sees this it will look suspicious and will get banned.

Solution to this ?

Yes, when opening a new Facebook account, use correct firstname and last name , avoid using two first name or two lastname. go to google and search for common names of persons you want to use according to the country.

See some example below.

First name last name





You can search on Facebook and see some familiar name of people to use.

Also see best way to scam on facebook without getting banned

The photo you use.

Avoid this mistake if you don’t want Facebook to be banning you always, yahoo boys keep making this mistake by using casted photos, what do i mean by casted photos ? When 500 yahoo boys have used the same photo to open Facebook account, that photo have been blacklisted in the web data base, you keep on using same picture to open different Facebook account, same way lots of persons are using that too. Facebook have the face recognition features,it means that when you use a particular photo that already belong to someone else, Facebook will notify the real owner about it and your account will be reported leading to ban.

Solution for this?.

Avoid using casted pictures to work on Facebook, to know a casted picture, paste it on google and do an image search, the result will determine if it is a casted image you will see lots of it both on Facebook and google. but if not, then you are good to go.

Also use real life pictures,avoid using those photoshoot,or using objects and also celebrities.

Upload like 6 pictures including cover photos before you start work.

Fill your profile information correctly.

the information you filled out, you are giving it out to Facebook and the general public, this will determine if your account is fake or not, take for example, you can’t be living in Canada and be schooling in Usa or vice versa, also you can’t be living in Usa and your IP address is showing Nigeria/mtn , any mistake here will get your account banned.

If your account profile is complete 100 or 90% Facebook and clients will believe you to be real.

Solution to this ?

Fill out every information accordingly, set your residential address as Nigeria but change the privacy to only you to be seeing it. Set your home town to any state you are working with e.g new York or Texas , let the privacy be open for public.

Your university and high school should be located in your home town you selected, your religion, martial status, and places you have traveled to.

Don’t add or accept friend request yet.

Don’t even try to add client or accept friend request immediately after creating the account. Reasons is that,

Facebook only wants to connect you with (people you may know) not strangers , you might even see it when adding friends

(do you know this person?)

After that the account is gone , and also many won’t accept you and Facebook will banned you instantly.


Wait for like one week before adding friends or accepting friend request .

Do you know you can have friends without sending request? Yes i have been using this new method , tested and confirmed, search for the person you could like to add, open the profile of the person, like/share his/her post and picture , before you will do this to 50 persons, 10 of them will send you message or even add you up.

Before accepting the request, have a conversation with the person.

Another popular method is by joining Facebook groups,this is one of the old method of having lots of friends without adding randomly.

For those into dating ,if you are looking for old women i.e widows search for them and join the groups.

For those into investment join the groups. E.t.c

If your request is approved start dropping nice comment and like peoples comment , also make a nice post , from them people will start noticing you and Friend requested will be coming water lol.

Now that you have lots of friend,start dropping your formats to them, if any of them is becoming serious or showing interest, move him out from Facebook. that is request for his/her hangout, tell him to download and register one if he don’t have. If he asked you why your answer should be

am not always on Facebook chatting, hangout is much very good and easy to communicate , please just go to playstore or apple store and download one, its free.

But me i prefer moving clients to WhatsApp. if you want this , you have to get the country whatsapp number (usa or canada whatspp number) that one looks more real.

You may what to know other reasons why Facebook keep banning your account.

If after using this method i showed you are it wasn’t successful, then some of this reasons may be the cause :

  • Fake account keep sending you request (gboys) and you are accepting them .when those account is banned yours will follow.
  • Some mumu client will block or keep reporting your account, if five person report your account as fake the account is gone, so don’t offend any of your client lol.
  • Dont use f words while posting or coming , some words are prohibited on Facebook, e.g hack , fuck you, pussy,e.tc
  • Stop spamming Facebook pages and group with your post

Always check on this page , i will keep on updating new method.
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