• Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

One of the most important tools in yahoo yahoo/gee work is pictures and videos of the white man/white woman you are using to chat clients,your work can easily cast if you don’t have a good working photos and videos to show your clients.

In this post i will show you,How to download original real picture and videos for yahoo and also how using bad pictures can spoil your work so you avoid it.

How pictures and videos can spoil your work

1. Using casted pictures and videos

When we say something is casted,it means that many people are using the same thing,so in this picture and videos issues,many yahoo boys are using the same picture/video and format you are using to chat your client,and its possible that a yahoo boy might have chatted your current client using the same picture you are using now, so the client won’t believe anything from you.

Read my experience below;

They was this client i was chatting for a very long time on dating,she already loved up and believed am real,now its time to bill her,but they was a serious issue,another yahoo boy bomb chat the client using the same picture i was using and he even have the video which makes the yahoo boy looks more legit than i’m, he was also using the same story line /format that i was using, the client was confused on who to believe and later on blocked both of us (me and the other yahoo boy).
I just lost this client because of this mistake.

2. Using few pictures and videos

Many yahoo boys only have few pictures of the white man they are using which is bad, how can you have only 5 pictures and no videos,what will you be updating after posting the whole 5 pictures ? You clients needs fresh memories,your current stages and life positions, live videos and face time , if you don’t have all this they will be trust issues and when they is trust issues,you will hardly get money from them.

How to download original real picture and videos for yahoo

They are two places i normally get my pictures and videos i use for yahoo, which are Instagram and Facebook. Read the steps below:

Download photos from Instagram

1. Download this Instagram downloader app from playstore or apple store. Check image below:

2. Open your Instagram account and search for popular pages or account, you can search for USA army,USA news,Donald Trump,medical names,celebrities e.t.c

3. Open the page or account,look for the post and check the comments section,they should be lots of comments in the post, check the commenters profile and choose the one best for you ( this depends on the yahoo work you are doing)

4. Once you have chosen the person you want to be using, make sure the person have lots of pictures and videos in his public profile,now its time to download all those pictures and video, i recommend at least 20 pictures and 5 videos of him. Check the example of person am using, he has plenty videos and pictures.

5. Now its time to start downloading the pictures and video, click on any of the post,they is a three dot at the top, click on it, once you click it, three options will pop up,(Report,Copy link,Share to) click on the copy link, now the link have being copied into your cupboard.

6. You have Copied the link,now go to that first app you downloaded from app store ( Instagram image downloader) open it , ones the app opens, it will detect the image link you copied and will download the photo or video immediately into your phone gallery.

How to download yahoo photos/videos from Facebook

The Facebook method is almost the same with Instagram but you don’t need third party app for you to download photos from Facebook, the download is straight forward.

Search for the pages or profile in the search bar, open the the profile, select photos and open,click on the 3 dot at the top and click download.

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