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Have you been dreaming on living an expensive lifestyle? , like riding any car of your choice, travel places and spend money like a big boy?, truly this is a dream of every youth but the economic condition of the country and bad leaders wont let this happen if you fold your hands. One of the way you can achieve these is by doing YAHOO!. So today i am going to show you how to become a yahoo boy.

Yahoo boys are common in every country especially Nigeria and other African countries,since many young youths are into this acts and especially the unprofessional ones,it haven’t been easy in fact,the yahoo is no longer paying everybody like before, you have to put in more hard work, tricks , sleepless nights before cash out. This tips and guidelines is what i am going to show you here.

Who is a yahoo boy

The name yahoo boy is giving to people who make money through fraud (fraudsters) they are also called gee boys,once you are a youth doing illegal jobs online to make money then you are a yahoo boy.

How to become a successful yahoo boy

For you to be called a successful yahoo boy that means you have made lots of money from this work,and for you to achieve this,they are tools, guide lines. Below i have listed some important tools you need if you really want to become a yahoo boy.

  • Laptop / Phone
  • Firstly, yahoo work is mainly done online, and for you to go online you must have access to internet connected devices which can be laptop or phone.If you buying a laptop for yahoo, i recommend you get a high specification laptop e.g a laptop with about 4gb ram and above,high processor spread, having a keyboard light and battery durable.
    If you are buying a mobile phone for yahoo, buy a high model phone,starting from 4gb ram,64gb in-bult memory and a good battery.
    This will smoothen your work.

  • Pictures and videos
  • When venturing into yahoo world, you must not use your real picture,you know why? No maga will ever pay you knowing that you are a black man or woman,so to bypass this you must look for a white man or woman pictures and videos you will be using. I recommend you have at Least 20 different pictures of a white man and at least five different videos,these will really help you in a long run. Your question might now be on how you can get this pictures And videos?

    You can make use of social medias like Facebook and Instagram, use the search area to navigate different country locations post, look through the comments section and make your choice of the person to be using. Download all his pictures and video.

  • Dating sites/social media
  • Dating sites and social media is the only place you can meet your online clients ( maga),some dating sites are not free,while some are free to access but all social media are free so if you dont have money for dating sites you can focus on social media for now, some popular dating sites for yahoo are:

  • Plenty of Fish ( pof)
  • eHarmony
  • Zoosk
  • CatholicMatch
  • Christian Cafe
  • Christian Mingle
  • Elite Singles
  • OurTime
  • All this dating website i mentioned above all our paid website,you can also use the free version.

    As for the social media,i recommend Facebook, Instagram and telegram.

  • VPN / RDP
  • VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and describes the opportunity to establish a protected network connection when using public networks. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and disguise your online identity. … The encryption takes place in real time.

    With vpn you Can hid your location, lets say you are from Nigeria browsing the internet, either vpn you can change your phone Ip address to USA or any country you want.

    Vpn is very important in yahoo work because many websites is not made accessible Africans, so when you connect your vpn,you can now change your location and access those websites.

    Some good vpn you can subscribe for are:

    Nord Vpn
    IP Vanish VPN
    Express VPN
    Cyber ghost VPN

    All this vpn are not free

  • Foreign phone number
  • Foreign phone number is always important in this yahoo work,you can’t be chatting oyibo man or woman with your Nigeria number. let me explain why you also need foreign number as a yahoo boy.

    When you meet a client in those social media or dating sites and starts a conversation with them,on a long run they is possibility that you may be blocked from accessing the website ( your account). This is one of the biggest problem yahoo boys are facing, killing of account,you may buy or open Facebook,Instagram today,Within the next three days your account is gone,though not always like that,and when this happened you have automatically lost all your clients in the dating site or social media. So to be on a safe side,get a foreign number like USA/UK,depending on the country you are claiming to be.

    As soon as you you started a conversation with them (client), try and collect their phone number and add them on WhatsApp with your foreign number, if the client is not on WhatsApp, tell him to download that.

    They are many ways to get foreign phone number for yahoo, which i have explained in my previous posts.

  • Yahoo format / document
  • Yahoo formats are different tricks or ways well explained that you can use on your clients. A well prepared format contains, how to chat your client,how to start conversation with clients,how to bill your clients and collect money from them. We have different types of yahoo format, like Dating format, bitcoin format,investment format,hospital format,hookup format, inheritance format,carding format e.t.c the most popular currently is dating and investment format.

    Also we have some documents,though its not always necessary,its just a prove to tell your client that you are real. it may be a doctor report,hospital bills,airport tickets, police report,lawyer documents e.t.c

    If you have this things i listed above and follow every instruction guides i have listed, then you must be successful in this yahoo work.

  • How to collect money from your clients
  • This is the last and best part of yahoo, after work comes your wages or salary,for your client to pay you,it means you must have put in a lot of energy and work in chatting him or her. No doubting client will pay you,so make him believe that that you are real.

    Now you need a billing format to give your clients. This format are all lies,and the yahoo format you are giving the client depends on your story line from day one,if you are posing as a military man,you must channel your billing format to that story line.

    Also note,if you are into dating,you must not bill your client immediately,try chatting him or her for weeks before asking for money.

    They are many means of accepting payment from your client. Check some below :

  • Bitcoin / crypto
  • Gift card
  • Cashapp
  • Western union
  • Wire transfer
  • Carding
  • As you have read this post “Full guide on how to become a rich yahoo boy”,we also have lots of other interesting post on how to make money online.

    Do you have any question concerning yahoo?
    Kindly drop your comment and i will answer you immediately.

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