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Flash fund tool download – fake alert software

I want to introduce to you a powerful hack software known as flash fund tool,and how to do fake alert with it in Nigeria and world wide as a whole.If you are reading this i know you must have heard about fake alert,whereby someone transfer money to another,the receiver will get alert but the actual money will not be in his account.
They are many mobile pc apps for sending fake bank alert in the world,but in this post i will show you how to do fake alert with flash fund too.


i will be covering :

  • How to do fake alert with flash fund tool
  • How to download flash fund tool software
  • How you can avoid being in danger when
    using flash fund tool.

  • What is fake alert / How it is done

    Fake alert cones like a Real sms from your bank,it shows you that someone sent money to your account and it will bear your Bank Name and details exactly as it usually comes from your Bank.

    Once you receive this fake sms alert,it will look exactly like your real sms from bank,no difference at all. Even when you check your balance the money will be they, but you cant withdraw or transfer it out. This is fake transfer alert done with flash fund tool.

    What is flash fund tool

    The flash fund app is a tool that helps to send fake bank transfer alerts instantly to anyone without a trace. This tool is a powerful bank account hacking tool that allows hackers to easily perform or do a fake bank transfer alerts to people in a matter of minutes. It is one of the most popular fake bank alert apps on the internet today.
    The app is very easy to use and it takes up to 24 hours for the fake alert to disappear.

    Functions of flash fund tool

    This software has two basic functions, send fake alert and flash fund into account balance.

    Flash fake alert

    This is the Major feature and the reason why everyone is up for this tool. The flash Funding feature helps send instant Fake alert to anyone you desires without any single

    By default, When you send Messages the senders ID do Show up: But in the case of flash funds, You only need to select the bank ID and it will appear in the clients phone or
    device exactly as it usually comes from the particular bank they operates.

    If You’ve been using this app in the past years, or if you have ever used it before, am sure you know the difficulty “How to get the client phone numbers or email which they
    use in receiving alert from their banks so you won’t fuck up sending alert to the wrong number”

    But in this recent Flash Funds version, This issue has been settled by adding the Fash spinning feature which enables you get the bank data even before sending your alert. We
    will discuss that soon.

    One Good Reason Why Flash Funds is Better than most Fake alert tools / Apps is because it automatically update clients bank balance with the exact amount you flashed to
    them. This Flashed funds will be cleared after 24hrs (sometimes, the flashed funds even last longer than that before it’s been cleared from their bank balance).

    Flash fund

    They are many softwares that send sms fake alert but it won’t reflect in the available balance, that’s not good and also risky,what if the persons check his balance with bank app ?

    But with flash fund tool, as the person is receiving the sms alert,the money will also load in his balance and if he checks his account with bank app,the money will be they.

    How to use flash fund tool

    First you need to download the software in your phone,android ,ios or pc (i already share the download link below)
    Once you have downloaded the app,NOW OPEN

    Once you open the app, first thing to do is to “BUY PIN” and activate the software, its about $100 and a lifetime pin activation.

    Now click on “DATA SETTINGS”, here you will update your information,how you want it to appear in the persons account when you flash the fake alert, how will you get debit alert? Email or phone sms, fill in your email address and phone number, also fill in your account number,account name,and bank name in the box.

    Now start fake alert

    Click on “SEND ALERT” once the page opens, change your location immediately.

    Select and fill every empty box, choose your country,fill in account name and account number.

    How to download flash fund apps


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