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Fixed match yahoo format – all you need to know about betting scam

Football betting (fixed match) yahoo format ,everything you you need to know about it, the procedures and how to cash out with it is in this article so just sit and read carefully!


I guess you are familiar with the word , but in case you don’t know let me drop a lay man definition of football betting , its a form or another method of gambling whereby you place a bet who will win/lose , first to score, how many goals will be scored in the match e.t.c .

Now that you know what football betting is lets proceed about this fixed match yahoo format, according to survey millions of person loses their bet round the world annually , remember is a game of luck or lets say its a gamble. So imagine telling someone that you can give him/her a 100% real fixed match game.



-this is one of the best place to caught people that will be interested in fixed match, simple go and open account with them, its free , use a matured profile setting (let it look legit without trace of scam) add many friends as you can and also join many groups and pages to meet different persons. You can also read on how to scam on Facebook without getting banned.


-same way as Facebook , Instagram is also a sure place to caught big paying clients that will be interested in fixed match bettings, here an average of Instagram users are living well (rich). register or use old Instagram account with/without VPN , edit the account to look “rich”follow many popular pages.

live scores websites

-one thing about here is that , You can only find football/sport lovers here no other persons except sport fans trying to get updates about the current,past or future sport news and also live scores, some of them are :







Just look for interactive pages in this websites and shoot your short, if you have enough cash the best thing to do is to run advert in those websites about your fixed match games, it will look more matured and legit.

Also read Best way to scam on facebook without getting banned

football betting/prediction website

: just the way you will meet football lovers in live scores website , that is same way you will see bettors/gamblers in football prediction website, 100% persons that visits this sites are gamblers who are hungrily looking for way to double their money through things, some of them are






Whatsapp groups

– almost every smartphone users are using WhatsApp for texting and calling , and so also many are on different groups, all you need to do is open WhatsApp with different phone number, join many Public WhatsApp groups, also create different fake WhatsApp group and name it fixed match games , invites people to join the group.

tools needed for this format

Photoshop skills

: you will be needing Photoshop for your betslip editing , you can download one online and watch some videos on YouTube on how to use photoshop, many of those wining slips you are seeing online are fake and you too can fake yours.

USA whatsapp phone number

: to be successful in this game you have to get a usa number , it will make you appear real in the eyes of your clients, you can use some apps like primo, textplus or textnow to get free usa number for WhatsApp, but if you can’t get it , i can help you with it , the cost is #3000 or $10 , after getting it use it to open WhatsApp in your phone.

If you have gotten the above tools now see how to use it .

Get any betslip online,search for popular once,edit it with Photoshop, let the whole matches be green (winning) also the date of the games, cover the booking number . after this upload it to your Facebook and tag your friends, also to many groups that you are , the caption will be.

“Congratulations! All in my VIP team yesterday 738 Bomb odds WON again!

Hereby,we are delivering 100000000% Win sure and guaranteed win of fixed matches in our VIP group!

Enjoy your cash!

King of KINGS!

Todays VIP ticket for VIP group is ready again for max betting And WIN

Inbox here via fb messenger or WhatsApp”.

Drop your whatsapp phone number and also be checking your inbox.

If anyone message you for games , tell him the cost of VIP member and the benefits

Always tell them that the game source is from USA and if they insists give them that your USA WhatsApp phone number and they will message you they for free.

So also in those online betting sites, bomb them and upload the winning photo slips with that caption.

Your charges for the VIP membership shoup be $50 and above monthly subscription.

If you receive any money, first give the person a fake game and followed by a block button .if you love this post dont forget to share!!

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