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Download yahoo military dating formats and Billings

Military dating format is similar to general dating format, but here you will be posting as s military man (USA Soldier) looking for love.
This military dating is always common format use by yahoo boys,in fact many gee boys have cash out by using this my format including me.

Using a military man for dating is a big and good strategy because people like the soldiers for their work in safe guarding the countries with their life, especially the developed country like USA or Canada,once you are a military man,you are always in the heart of men and women.they can do everything to make you happy.

Advantages of military dating format

  • Military dating format is easy to chat clients,you don’t need to stress yourself much or sending messages every time, your client will understand that you are in the camp or bush very busy due to the nature of your job.
    It was prevent client from asking you for video calls,just tell him that you are not allowed to make calls or video calls around the camp.
  • Billing and collecting money through military dating format is easy,if you want to bill your client,they are many scopes to collect money from him, the client already knows your condition and will be ready to help.
  • Steps to start military yahoo dating

    Open social media account or dating sites

    Like the general dating format,also this is the first step to take in yahoo military dating. Open social media account,it can be Facebook,Instagram e.t.c. also you can focus on dating sites,see all dating sites here.

    Once you have created your account, now you setup your profile with a military picture, upload different military photos and videos of you, you can get this pictures and videos from Instagram or Facebook.

    Start adding messaging /bombing clients
    If you are using instagram search for popular pages/post you will see lots of interactions in the comment section, your target should be those old aged women, if you are on Facebook don’t add any of them yet to avoid your account being blocked, just like and reply their comment many of them will check your profile and add you.
    If you are on Instagram, follow the targeted once (old women) send them messages,like their pictures and wait for them to reply.

    Move the client to your WhatsApp:
    This is where many newbie yahoo boys always get things wrong.Listen don’t chat much on those dating site with your clients for long,be it Instagram or Facebookreason is that if your account is blocked ,you will lose the client and all her information.If you don’t have usa number for whatsapp you can still use hangout,but the truth is that if you use usa whatsapp number it will make you look credible at least.

    Then from here you can start trowing her this format am going to give you.

    Start toasting and professing love to them

    Follow my example below :

    I’m single father of only son, he live with my sis back home I have been single for two yrs and I can tell you I was married for 16 yrs till I divorced two yrs ago after I caught my wife several time cheating on me,I know shit happens but I won’t tolerate that

    I would describe myself as very Intelligent, patients,loyal ,kind ,love ,compassion ,passionate ,understanding,sincerely ,honest and I have big heart.. am easy going man with sense of honor, creative, and humorous

    So what are you looking for online here?

    Do you have any special Man ?

    So what are you Looking for in a Man ?

    I think we are Looking for the same things but mine in a woman, Just that i am Looking for a

    nice, Honest, Kind and Caring woman, a woman that will Love and be with me for the Rest of my Life

    Best Features : my last date was horrible so much because she was cheating on me that is why we are not together caught her with my friend having an secret affair and she even got pregnant for him and ever since i knows all about it i made up my mind and vow not to be with her and we both divorced after one son together, Regarding what I am seeking is a woman as laid out in Proverbs 31. A man who is strong(but not overbearing), loyal, respectful, kind and sweet. That carry himself like the king he is in all situations

    Am not looking for someone to date but someone to spend the rest of my life with,All is just being sincere to me,make me feel secured,appreciate,love,care and being understanding

    All my life has been engulfed with misery and loneliness,i watch my life layer wide spread in front of me and didn’t know what to do with it,my life has been so boring and hope with someone who is ready to Love me for who i am now it’s gonna change for the best

    Billing your military dating client

    You can bill your client in many ways, make sure she is already in love with you before asking for money.

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